Mandala clock

Printed the mandala business card holder that @geek2nurse posted here: Mandala Business Card Holder, which was based on @lightner 's design here: Mandala. My sister loved it so much that she wanted something utilizing the full design. So I came up with this design for a small desk clock.


Only seems fair to share this design as well. For personal use only as per forum rules!
mandala (53.2 KB)
The clock I ordered from Amazon.

The clock part is printed on :proofgrade: medium cherry ply. The base is :proofgrade: thick cherry ply. The first one I printed shattered when I tried to put it on the base. The revised file has a slightly larger slot which the clock rests in easily (no shattering). I added one layer of washi tape to the rim of the clock so it fits in snug, but can still be taken out for time or battery change.


I do like mandalas … this is lovely … of course, I’m partial to the cherry!

I’ve been thinking about doing a clock in the back of my mind. This is pushing it forward. My daughter and son-in-law have a “Harry Potter” room. Think I’ll add a note to the HOT list.

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Good idea! This clock would be nice for something like that!


Wow, that mandala makes a gorgeous clock! Thanks for sharing.

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This design is being sold on the Cache Creatifs website, in violation of forum rules: (second option)


I like the “triply wood” :grin: Looks like they took down the other one, expect they’ll do the same with this one once warned.

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Ha! What fun - I feel like when I got my first parking ticket! I’ll be drafting a note momentarily.


She is also selling the Glowforge provided moon lantern.

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Yep, I just noticed that too. She’s not ignorant of copyright issues as she has explicit text:

Commercial Licenses:
YOU CAN use this product to produce no more than 100 items of your goods.
Resell this digital file in any format.
Share, distribute or sell this file or any part of this file in any way.
Copyright non-transferable with sale.

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I’m on the tablet…one of you guys needs to copy that and send an email to to alert them to it, so they can ask him/her to take it down.

(Great catch!)

I will add that to my almost finished email!

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Hi there I just used this file to make a clock for my grandma and its really beautiful… I know there was a tutorial for this in how to use the negative space and put it on a box … that link is no longer valid but I am wondering how can I do that? Would you have suggestions or know how to do it?

Glad your clock came out great - your grandma is going to love it. To use just the mandala design, download the original design here. Then place in your box design. Give either the mandala or the box outlines a different color. Once uploaded, you can then assign either “engrave” to the mandala if you want the shapes filled; or “score” if you want just the lines. Set the box outlines to cut. Good luck!

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