Mandala clock


Printed the mandala business card holder that @geek2nurse posted here: Mandala Business Card Holder, which was based on @lightner 's design here: Mandala. My sister loved it so much that she wanted something utilizing the full design. So I came up with this design for a small desk clock.


Only seems fair to share this design as well.
mandala (53.2 KB)
The clock I ordered from Amazon.

The clock part is printed on :proofgrade: medium cherry ply. The base is :proofgrade: thick cherry ply. The first one I printed shattered when I tried to put it on the base. The revised file has a slightly larger slot which the clock rests in easily (no shattering). I added one layer of washi tape to the rim of the clock so it fits in snug, but can still be taken out for time or battery change.


I do like mandalas … this is lovely … of course, I’m partial to the cherry!

I’ve been thinking about doing a clock in the back of my mind. This is pushing it forward. My daughter and son-in-law have a “Harry Potter” room. Think I’ll add a note to the HOT list.


Good idea! This clock would be nice for something like that!


Wow, that mandala makes a gorgeous clock! Thanks for sharing.