Maximize print area?

So I was about to start testing this, but figured I would ask and possibly save some time. Where is the best place to put material into the glowforge to maximize my work area? I am thinking bottom right corner based on the dead zones in the UI…

Also if anyone knows the true working area as of now that would be super sweet.

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It changes based on whether you are cutting or engraving at top speed.

And I can’t say based on using a PRU versus a PU.


You know, this seems to be changing all of the time as they update the SW. I think GF should stick a message in the interface that provides the current (whatever it happens to be at the time) cut and engrave size, based on top speed or “normal” speed (whatever that might be)


These answers are sad face panda so far. :frowning:


I’ve been wondering the same thing. Another sad-faced-panda…

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For cutting, 19.475 x 10.875. About an inch less than that at the edges for a full sheet engrave at normal speeds. (maximum.)

(And for anyone else wanting to check your own - all you need to do is open a file in the interface and select something in it. The limits show up against the rulers at the top and sides.)


Ulp…didn’t think of that. Sorry.

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It’s best to put your material in the center of the bed.

The Glowforge Basic bed can accommodate materials measuring 18” x 20”. The maximum printable area is 11 x 19.5”, and it’s reduced somewhat when the laser operates at high speed, as it can take space for the laser to decelerate.