May the 4th be with you! Star Wars Monopoly

Happy Star Wars Day! With everyone posting all of their awesome Settlers of Catan boards, I thought I would get in the board games spirit and make my own Monopoly board. That spiraled into making pretty much everything for a Star Wars themed Monopoly game. The board, the money, the tokens, cards, houses, hotels, and dice. I used Proofgrade cherry ply for the board and tokens. Draftboard for the property cards, and different colored cardstock for the money, chance, and community chest.

Here are the some of the pics:

:glowforge: Board Time Lapse

960 FPS of Glowforge Laser

For more information on the Star Wars Monopoly build, I’ve also posted on Instructables.

I made a box too:


Love it! The little tokens are fantastic! :grinning:


how long did this take? I assume forever.


This is so excellent!


Amazing. I was really liking the Tattoine Lake Homestead till I got my glasses and realized that was not what it said.

You do know that many of those place names and associated housing really exists and has for hundreds of years in Tunisia?


republic credits?!

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That’s great and inspiring!


Totally out of this world. Thank you


That is very well done.


Nicely done!!!


Well done. I would like to kow how ling it took as well.


Ok, that’s just badass. :+1:




Blockquote how long did this take? I assume forever.

Are you asking on the design, or the actual cutting on the :glowforge:? I’ve probably spent 30 hours on and off over the past month tinkering with the files. I originally thought I would just create the board, but as I added each additional thing, it spiraled out of control. I still plan on replacing the Chance and Community chest cards with printed versions from, but will wait for a decent online coupon to appear.

For the actual cutting / engraving:
Each half of the board took just shy of 3 hours. I have printed more than one set. The original was on Maple, and the graphics were inverted. This was also on 1/8" proofgrade, and decided that I wanted to use 1/4" material and go with Cherry. One piece that I printed was ruined after the stepper motor jumped about 3/4" to the right after about 2 hours into the print.

Scoring and cutting the property cards took about 3 hours on the :glowforge:. The money was the most tedious, as I had to do one sheet of 10 bills at a time, but it was worth it to have everything cut to the same size. The tokens I did over a lunch break earlier this week. The houses and hotels I did last night when I got home from work. A lot of work for something that won’t get used very often, but it’s a neat custom game to have in my collection. :blush:


One day someone on antiques road show is going to be very confused as he would have never seen anything like this in existence before.


What a wonderful tribute to the franchise! Love the game pieces, money, cards, board, just everything! I think it would be a lot more fun to play this one vs the original ( just not into real estate).


One of my favorite things on this project was coming up with the chance and community chest cards. It makes me smile knowing that some of these would never be in an “official” version of Monopoly.

  • Death Star Workers Union Dues - Pay 100
  • Sell trooper garrison supply of Wookie Jerky - Collect 150
  • Get probed by an Imperial Probe Droid - Move back 2 spaces
  • Fall into trash compactor - Pay 50
  • You have turned to the Dark Side of the Force - Pay each player 50
  • Let the Wookiee Win - Pay 50
  • Beggar’s Canyon Tour - Pay 20


Great job! I love this! May the 4th be with you! :grinning:

Super awesome work! Can’t wait to see what you end up doing for the box (you know you’re gonna :wink:).

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ROFL! My favorite is “Let the Wookie win!” :smile: