Misalignment in engraving

Hey all!! I’ve been having a few issues with aligning my materials for engraving without the crumb tray. For some reason My engravings are WAY off of my design shown on my screen. I make sure I have my height and focas at the right numbers but my GF still can’t seem to get it right. And it’s not off by a slight right or left it’s completely off by about 3 inches. My materials are centered to the camera and I tried to Calibrate my camera but that didn’t work at all. If anyone has any advice that would be awesome! I’ve wasted so much time and material I feel so defeated

How are you measuring the height of the materials to bring it up to the correct focus level?

If it is within the normal focus level, the the Set Focus tool will get it perfect and solve the problem without having to do precise math.

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It’s a 3/4” piece of wood placed on top of another 3/4” of wood. I cut out a jig to make sure I was getting my numbers right and with the jig I get .125 and I even tried the set focus feature and it still gave me this outcome and my design with my focus and correct height

I get much better set focus alignment. Are you sure the red dot is hitting the object? That’s the only other thing I’d do.

Otherwise I’d set up a jig and try that.


You can try using one of these to measure the actual number to enter in the Material Thickness field. That should help with the camera alignment, but the camera is no substitute for a jig (you say you’re using one but I don’t see it in your pics.)

Is there any chance that you bumped or moved the printhead while the machine was on? How is your alignment with the crumb tray in using the set focus tool?

I had troubles with engrave alignment with the crumb tray in, cleaned all lenses and mirrors and it aligned perfectly. Hope this helps.

My guess is the laser head is focusing on the board underneath your work piece. Do you watch where the red laser dot shines when you hit “set focus”?

Oh no, I’m so sorry you’ve hit a snag.

To investigate further, could you include a photo of the misaligned print in question? Please include the approximate date and time of the print as well.

Once I have the above information, I’ll be able to extract machine and determine our next steps.

Hello @cheerlv101 - it’s been a while since we’ve heard back from you, so I’m going to go ahead and close this topic.

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