Model Demo of Engraving levels with GF anyone?


Is there any demo file of the amount of engraving a GF can handle into a piece of wood? Say, as many levels as possible? I know the question is somewhat tricky… I’m just looking for a nice looking model, either free or paid, that showcases what a GF can do in terms of engraving wood at different heights from level 0 to as deep as possible.


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Here you go:

Just be warned that testing engraves thoroughly is a large time investment for sometimes little payoff.

There’s no way to practically test every setting, there are too many variables, Power, lpi, speed. Even if you fid only ten representative values for each that is still a thousand combinations. Throw in dots versus vary power and it gets even crazier.


Looking for the one with as many depth levels featured in the same model as possible.

From that search here’s a very thorough sheet.

I still think doing these is largely a waste of time but if you gotta this one is pretty good. :slight_smile:


Meant to find models like this one:

not just links to engravement templates.

Ah. Well any greyscale image can do what you’re asking. Just get a black and white photo that you like and then use your favorite image editor to make it have full contrast from pure black to pure white.

To get this effect you’ll need to use 3d engraving or vary power, and remember that 3d engraving only works with some PG materials. Vary power is the same thing but it’s for non PG materials.

If you really want to get something here try searching the forum or google for “3d heightmap”. They are essentially what you’re looking for.


OK I was just curious any “famous” file was around, like the 3D Benchy is for the 3d printers (FDM) world…

Yeah I wish glowforge would release that demo file because it’s really cool … but they never did for some reason.

Of course I may be wrong and just missed it.

@rbtdanforth has done a lot of work with heightmap and deeper engraves, maybe he has pointers?

I just checked some of the search results and I always end up with the Kern video… I wish there would be demos like that for the GF to impress some investors in certain projects we could do to order some more GF units! lol

Sadly all results date back from 2016 and your current replies tell me not to expect much from this path currently :’( sigh

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I would suspect investors would be more interested in what you are capable of creating and producing with the machine, not what somebody else figured out and handed to you. It would, however, be great if GF provided a similar file and instructions so new owners had something to “show off.” It should be one of the test print tutorials.

Results like that emblem are pretty easy to achieve with some practice. When I was new to the machine, it took me a couple of evenings of playing with a corporate logo, then running test prints, to get similar results.


I have done a few deep engraves, You have to have a good image that high places are white and the lowest places black, and variable power. As for the depth, Whatever depth you can get otherwise.

I had to work the image some but I got this…


I have a piece in Free designs that has a variable depth engrave as a part of it,

Some examples of the maps are here


Someone else posted a really great example of a 3D engrave of one of those “ancient Chinese”-styled images, but I can’t find it.

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Sorry I just added the mother load of them above.

I couldn’t find it either, but this might be helpful:

Using the low res file found here, medium draftboard, proofgrade settings. 15 minutes.

The original was done on thick walnut, so two passes would result in much more depth. Also, theirs was much larger, and with the higher res. original file, you’d have much more detail. I made it small because of the lack of resolution. You can barely read the upper banner text in the file, or make out detail on the blasters.



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