My first 2 days with my Glowforge



So after spending 2 days with the Glowforge i can say that I am extremely happy with the final machine. I finally just took 5 minutes to really look inside it and it really does look and feel fantastic. Well worth the wait in my opinion.

Here is a quick recap of my first few projects.

First i would like to thank @dan and staff for really testing the packaging. UPS was less the careful with my unit.

I basically could see the bottom of the GF unit when he pulled it off the truck. But despite that the unit works perfectly.

I had one little issue with the head calibration where i needed to reboot the machine before it would start the calibration. But after that it worked great. I posted a video of part of the setup on the Glowforge User Group (GUG) Facebook group. For those of you not in the group or on Facebook i’ll post a link here once i upload it to Youtube.

My first two projects were the ruler and then a coaster. I was luck to get some design files from my work to test with. All of these files were in AI format so it was fairly simple to just export them as SVGs directly from Illustrator. The coaster had a small glitch i didn’t notice till after it was printing.

Here are some pics of the over project i made. Most of the material I used was not Proofgrade. I really wanted to test some normal material since that is what i’ll be using most of the time. Don’t get me wrong Proofgrade is great and works like a charm, but i can get local material without paying shipping.

I’ll post more soon.

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending June 24th, 2017

Mighty fine looking first projects! :sunglasses::thumbsup:


Yes! These look awesome! Off to an amazing start.


WOW! Can’t wait to see what you make :slight_smile:


Looks like 2 days of pure fun!!!


holy you dropped a ton of projects in just a short time well done


Yes please! Great stuff! Thanks for posting pics and descriptions!


Well I did have a bit of a wait to really stock up on some projects. I feel bad for the GF it was running nonstop for the last few days with a short break while i took a nap.

The non-proofgrade materials took a bunch of trail and error to get the setting right.


This stuff is looking amazing!


Man, and that’s just your first two days. :smile:


Awesome start!!
Love the sugar skull…colorfill?
Explain the Make things…glitter background?
And the orange transparent plexi…double sided ?
Excellent first projects :grinning:


Wow, all that in two days… so productive :grin:


Excellent work!


This is marvelous!!!

Don’t tell, but if you put more than $100 of material in your shopping cart, shipping’s free. :slight_smile:

Discussion of (early!) July update

Is this also true for your international buyers? :innocent:


I wish! The store isn’t open for international deliveries yet though.


Wow! Amazing work sir. I’m particularly loving the idea of engraving both sides of coloured acrylic so it shows through. Very neat.


That’s what it gets for making you wait so long for it!


You did all that in two days? It’s all so beautiful. Wow, I can’t wait to see what you can do after two weeks!


Great first projects - nice variety of substrates and styles too. I love the AT-AT!