My Materials SETTINGS APP - kinda

I’ll start with a preface that beginners should go to one of the many threads like this one for material settings…

I very much appreciate the community Google spreadsheet, but I’ve been wanting something:

  • curated and tailored for my specific machine
  • presents the settings in an easy-to-focus manner, much less spreadsheet data salad
  • cloud-accessible and device-responsive

All this time casually searching and hoping for a 3D data app, my collection of scribbled settings kept accumulating…

The Pages app included with any recent iPad/iPhone/Mac purchase has proven useful compared to other offerings. Any of the devices I use can access & edit the document with minimal fuss. I wanted to see if the Numbers app could be equally useful. After months of setting this up & putting to use, I’ve reached a happy decluttered space.

Each tab along the top is created to only those materials I stock and use. I’ve chosen to order them according to material similarity. Swiping through the materials tabs works great. Within that material, multiple tables are treated as cards focused on varying thicknesses available. This erases the possibility the eye drifts to an adjacent setting in the Google spreadsheet.

Same cloud document pulled up on the phone has the pertinent data front and center:

The top-right EDIT button indicates the default read-only way the document is opened up to prevent accidental changes to the settings. Closing out the Numbers app all the way and relaunching it will bring up the last-opened document (Glowforge Materials) behaving like a customized app in that regard. For me, this setup offers the quickest, perfect balance of settings retrieval/editability based on any of the devices I have within reach.

The very last tab is a “blank” template for duplicating and adding additional materials.

All that’s left to add are tabs to remind myself of metric/SAE kerf numbers as well as a dedicated tab for crumb tray calculation.

Thought fellow Apple ecosystem users might find this useful.



Not bad. I went a bit lower tech and just use a google doc, does what I need. Your way is much cooler.


Been looking for something like this. Thanks


My Numbers spreadsheet is not quite as fancy but has served me well.

Very nice organizational features there. I may have to incorporate some of that at some point.


Here’s the Google doc accessed from my phone. Lots of vertical scrolling followed by lots of horizontal swiping hoping I’m still on the pertinent line. Landscape mode is no improvement for me. Top half is persistently occupied by sheet links.

It’s just an OCD habit of surrounding myself with useful tools & workflows.


Thank you very much for taking the time to create and share this with us!


I like the layout of your Numbers doc way better than mine. I’ve used it since 2017 but it’s been sadly neglected ever since they started allowing saved settings in the GFUI. At some point I ought to redo all that, just in case my saved settings get lost . :scream:


Nice! I widely spaced notes in a notebook. Since 2017 … have exceeded what I thought was ample spacing.

Have been thinking what I might like better. I kind of like this!


Don’t you just love all your devices working together so nicely?


Very nicely done! Are you willing or able to share the file? I have a Mac and use numbers quite regularly.


How do I obtain the file? It appears that it’s being shared here, but I’m a little confused. Love the idea and would use it on my Mac. Thanks. Dan

There have been no files shared in this thread, only photos showing how @CarterTG organized his notes using the Numbers app.

But would you mind sharing this file for others to be as organized. I’m an avid crafter in my non-existent spare time :wink: and it all the other hours of the day, I am an Elementary Assistant Principal. Crafting is my stress reliever and this is amazing!!!


Very nicely organized!!

After 5 months polishing & tweaking this Materials Journal, it’s now become the very first thing I reach for before firing up the Glowforge. The separated cards have been improved with refitted tables where the headers stay fixed (sooo slick). The app memorizes the zoom settings for each page making it super-easy to adjust for whatever magnification is comfortable.

Column widths have been tweaked, font sizes adjusted for legibility, Material Height is emphasized to remove any conflation mistakes. Wherever it makes sense, cells inherit data from parent cells – saving redundant typing in key places.

Viewed on iPad Pro

Viewed on iPhone

Ability to incorporate all manner of reference notes has proven to be invaluable

I now release these templates for you to customize your own personalized Materials Journal. Six pre-configured tabs with a template to duplicate and add more. It’s way nicer than v1.0 above. Time to get organized!

Glowforge Materials (609.4 KB)

For those wanting to peek at how mine’s furnished…

Deluxe Edition Materials Journal (with bonus)


Thank you. Being organized is a good feeling.


Thank you for this! I swear I spend more time organizing than I do actually making stuff! Ah, and then I realize it’s Apple only. :sob: But loved your video!


No doubt about it – the best $3 I’ve ever spent!

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If you ask nice, he might save/export it in an excel format. Numbers can do that.

Thanks @djfb for the idea. I’d forgotten Number could do that. I used to have a MAC years ago, and actually still have an old iPad, but it’s so old it won’t accept new files. I use it just for my recipes I have in OneNote now.
@CarterTG - please please please???!!! Would you please export your materials journal format into Excel? I’d really appreciate it (and think others would too!).

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