NEED Customer Support to Contact Me ASAP PLEASE!

Hello, I have been noticing some inconsistency with my “prints” and I started looking for something that may be wrong with the machine (while cleaning) and noticed the right side “roller” of the print head is pretty much smooth, all the grooves are almost gone so the belt doesn’t have a good grip. I need a replacement for this ASAP (this is my main source of income and this affects me BADLY). Is there a way to get this shipped out to me overnight or something like that?

Attached a picture of the worn out roller and a picture of the other side. Maybe that is why I have been complaining so much about my “cuts” to be off and I have sent to many messages to support with no successful resolution! I have been complaining about this pretty much a week after I got my machine (It is not even 2-3 month old)

QUESTION: Why aren’t these wheels not made out of metal insteadl of plastic?


I think the right side is supposed to be a smooth wheel. Left side drives the belt. :slightly_smiling_face:

(I’ll take a picture after breakfast.)


Thanks, I cant wait to see that picture and compare it with mine

Checking the belt tension is a good idea, and there are instructions for tightening it up here. You’ll need a common 3mm hex key wrench.

This is what it should look like if the tension is correct:


If I make it that “tight” I can feel the carriage moving not really too smoothly. Which makes me think that roller shouldn’t be smooth - But at the same time , another member also mentioned it is supposed to be smooth… So, I will continue my research and see what’s going on and why the carriage feels so sloppy

Smooth as a baby’s butt! :smile:
You might want to try wiping yours with a moist paper towel…if there is sticky buildup on it, it might cause that stuttering.



Like @Jules said, you may just need to clean that side. And the belt. Looks like you’re getting some residue from the belt onto the wheel.


Thank you!! What is recommended to clean it with? Don’t want to use something that eventually will make it crack


I am so relieved to know my roller is good then! I need to clean it!!!


I clean mine occasionally with a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water. I spray it lightly on a paper towel so that it is moist, not drippy wet, and wipe down everything. Including pulleys that I can reach, the belts (underneath the gantry and on both sides), and the tube. The front of the machine and the lid, and the front of the tray.

You’re going to be amazed at what comes off of it. :smile:


I’ve used Krud Kutter a couple times, but honestly hot water works great.


It’s amazing how dirty this gets.


Thank you all for the feedback!!!

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For some reason I can’t find the sweet spot for the carriage belt tension. It is so off!!! it cuts so off and looks like the left side pulley makes the belt jump ever 1 or 2inches, like the grooves are not engaging with the belt at times

I’m so sorry to hear that your prints aren’t turning out as expected. Thank you for posting those pictures.

The pulleys look like they are in good shape. However, I did notice in your photo that the belt looks like it might be twisted. That can cause issues with prints like you are describing.

Could you please try the following?

  1. Turn off your Glowforge

  2. Remove the crumb tray

  3. Inspect the carriage plate belt to make sure it looks straight across like my example below:

  4. If the belt is twisted, the carriage plate will need to be removed and reinstalled. You can find the full instructions here: Remove and Install Carriage Plate. Please let me know if you notice any damage to the belt or wheels

  5. If you’re not sure, post a photo like my example. I can take a look and advise the next steps.

Please let me know what you find.

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It’s been fixed. It was wrong tension on the belt, not twisted. Thanks. You guys have to please fix the instructions because I googled how to do the proper tension and it took me to a glowforge step by step page where it said you had to push with your finger the right pulley as you tighten it. Then I saw a youtube video of a girl doing maintenance and she provided a link to where you have to already have the right pullet tight and then insert the belt on the LEFT pulley while applying pressure with your finger. The last method is the one that actually worked for me.


Oh that’s great news! It’s good to hear that the alternative method worked for you. I’m going to pass this information along to the team. We always appreciate customer feedback about how to improve our instructions. And I apologize if our resources didn’t work as well for you. Thank you for taking the time to pass along your experience.

Since this is resolved, I’m going to close this post. If you have any more trouble, please start a new post or reach out at