No crumb tray solution


Here’s my solution to hold items with the crumb tray removed.
The top of the top step is equal to the height of the crumb tray.
To get the setting for the materiel height, just measure from top step to top of materiel.
The circle in the middle is a deep engrave to hold a magnet.
The steps are friction fit in the base and I remove them and use the magnets on the crumb tray when needed.



Another great solution! :grinning:


Cool design! I really like the inclusion of magnets.


Another way to work without the crumb tray, so many answers to a need.


Elegant Solution!


Very useful! Thank you!


Thank you! My favorite so far


Side note, that book is beautiful! Did you add all the wood or purchase it like that? The little wood tab on the end of the book mark ribbon is very clever.


I really appreciate this…thank you!


Really great solution. Bookmarked!


Very nice. Sometimes the best solutions are the straight forward ones.


Would you consider uploading the file you made for the good of the order? Great design to simplify life for thicker materials.:glowforge::sunglasses:


The small green thumbnail in the original post is an embedded SVG, presumably the original file.


Nicely done. The circular base is smart. (I tried gluing a bunch of step pieces together to make a broad step, with a slot for a magnet, but stability was eh)


Love it! Just got my GF today, was wondering how I was going to hold .75" cherry lumber to engrave Thank you!


Great idea.


That a great idea. Are they pretty stable holding weight?


I bought it like that from Amazon. Did a nice engrave on the front.


Yes, very stable. I’ve even used them for irregular shaped items. X-mas ornament, and a pocket knife. No problem


The first file is what i used. Made it in inkscape.