No seriously, folders on the dashboard please

Previously: Feature request: Folders on the Dashboard

OK, I wanted this when I was doing stuff with like 1-5 sheets of wood but now I’m doing layered cardboard sculptures and I would really like to have folders to make it easier to organize large projects like this big-ass easter island head. Here’s what the sheets for that project look like in the GFUI:

I know different people want different things with folders but I wanted to re-emphasize that there’s a use beyond “I want to create an archive of related projects I can access for an indefinite period of time.”


As always, no harm in asking. This request has been one of the most wished-for things. I’ve been on here just over 6 years now and still, no folders. Just so you know, it’s been in the ‘hopper’ for a very long time.

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Part of why I’m squeaking the wheel again after having this really annoy the hell out of me. :innocent:

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I was just looking to put in a request for something like this. There are so many files I forget which one I’m looking for before I find it.
Has anyone tried their own ‘file’ system? Like, you can filter from A - Z by file name, so if you worked up a system like A is for catalog projects, and B is for free files from fellow forgers and C is for cardboard… would that work? Can you rename things? I’d have to keep a log of what I was using for what, and would still mess it up, but would it be possible?

Just use your local device.

Problem solved.

Doesn’t work for catalog designs, especially when they have multiple sheets.

I’ve never tried it with GF or catalog designs, but you could try. Just click on the little arrow to see options. I rename my own files all the time, there.

Screen Shot 2021-11-03 at 9.55.41 AM

Hey @designatednerd, thanks for the suggestions! I totally hear you and understand what a benefit this would be to our users. I’ll make sure the team gets the message!