No-Sew Felt Tray

I made a quick no-sew felt tray to keep my honeycomb hold-down pins from ending up scattered everywhere. It turned out to be a big Mother’s Day hit, too.

SVG file, settings and assembly video on my site:


Great idea! Thanks for sharing the file! :grinning:


Hey, thanks! Would probably work with thick leather as well.


Great idea!

I haven’t played with leather, yet but, keep eyeing it.

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Great idea! Thank you for sharing.

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I’ve been meaning to make something like this for my phone charging station but didn’t want to deal with rivets or other securements. Easy to adjust the dimensions and add one more slit to hold the charging cable in place, and the phone can just nest inside. My nightstand is about to get fancier!

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Where did you get that nice felt? It looks thicker than the stuff I have found.

It came from The Felt Pod. After some poking around, it looked like they had the best price on the heavy, industrial 100% wool felt.

They have it in lots of nice colors, too.



The stuff from The Felt Pod looks awesome.

I found some on amazon as well by searching for 3mm wool felt (I am waiting for delivery of some from this listing, though it may be a smidge thinner as it says 2-3mm). I also found some 5mm super thick stuff.

Edit: The stuff I ordered calipered in at 1.8mm as the most generous, non-squished measure. Very disappointed.

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I cut another one in “peacock” blue for someone. I got it right on the edge of the piece of felt. So, two edges came out charred and two did not. That looked kind of strange. A little light work with an extra fine sanding sponge took off the char. So, that’s a potentially useful technique for other heavy felt projects.


The Felt Pod stuff is definitely 3mm+. I calipered it at .129" (about 3.25mm).


Loving the blue version!

I am underwhelmed with my attempt at a phone charging pad using this polyester thick stuff:

I obviously changed the dimensions, and added a hole for the charging cable. It was going to be a Father’s Day gift, but I think I’ll just give it to him as a “hey I made this” and do something else as the gift.

Sounds like it’s time to do it in the wool stuff and/or a darker color. The insert bits got a little melty, so I either need to play with my settings or adjust the design.

Thank you again for sharing!


Thanks! Glad you are experimenting with it.

Try the 100% heavy industrial wool stuff. The synthetics never work the same way as natural fibers.

I am not sure about fire risks for a charging tray. I know there are treatments you can use for that if it is a concern.

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Natural wool is fire resistant.


Wonderful! I love to learn things. I guess that’s why they make wool fire blankets. Thanks!

This is wonderful! Thank you for sharing.

What settings did you use? I can’t find power/speed here, on your site, or youtube. :slight_smile:

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We’re not supposed to post settings outside the Beyond the Manual section – but you can probably find some that have already been posted in there. Here’s a search to get you started:

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If you follow the link in my first post, the pattern and the settings are on my site.

I stumbled across this article looking for settings to cut felt with and I liked it enough and decided to give it a go. 300 speed, 45 pwr, .045 thick felt.