Not a Fan of the Open Chat , Need a Toggle out button,

It blows my mind , that they would think this was cool , Its a DISTRACTION , IT FORCED .


Yes, we’re already discussing it here…


I hate that we have to JUMP thur HOOPS to get rid of this , People are talking about BLOCKERS and Some BS like that,

This is UGLY,


OMG. Make it stop!! I didn’t “opt in” and I can’t make it go away. Who at GF thought this was a good idea?!?!?

take it away, please

Did you submit a request to support? They don’t participate here.

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What an annoying “feature.”
I only want to hide the chat, not my larger timer I can see from across the room. Cannot wait for an update on this.

I have raised a support ticket but had no response which is very unlike them.

I have ADHD too and its driving me round the bend

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I’m in the same boat as you, but most people can’t understand how mentally frustrated I am with it. Is it just me that finds it mental torcher?

My frustrated friend - most of your writing is articulate and well spelled even if somewhat long.

As you use this word often, the actual spelling of ‘torcher” is “torture”.

Every time I see your spelling I imagine some one holding a flamethrower to a person’s head - which I understand might be close to how you feel.


I hate it, I shouldn’t have to hide it on every single print.

following this post, I do not like the chat option. Following for a solution to get rid of it.

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Considering how much People have not liked it , we continu to have this Senseless Bot inside Discord in our face .

The work around is to use the Hide Feature but say good bye to your Large timer.

My Distain for Glow Forge Tactics borders on being Molested but politely.

They may fix that eventually - but maybe not as it’s definitely popular with a subset of their customers (have you seen how busy it is?). Anyway, in the the meantime here’s a way to fix it on your machine:

Hi everyone - We hear all of your feedback that you have posted here, through Support and on the Discord about the chat, and I’ve been monitoring all the comments on the forums and Discord, so your thoughts aren’t going on deaf ears!

All of your suggestions and thoughts are valuable as we work on planning and our improvements, so this is all being passed along to our team. Our philosophy is to update the community when the work is done and we have concrete info, so you will be the first to know when we have something to share. Thank you!


I like that GF is offering the Discord, that’s good to build a community but I do not like this feature inside of the App. I stay busy running machines all day and it works best when I don’t have distractions. When I’m distracted, I make mistakes. Hide isn’t the best option because it comes back with every run. A true On|Off switch is required. I disconnected from the Discord in hopes to make it go away but it did not.

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Thanks for keping me posted, we all have better things to be doing than watching a chat so I am still looking for a fix , Thank you.

I’m also not a fan of the open chat. It’s a huge distraction for me, and people seem to like arguing and being rude to each other but I can’t escape it. This is a user-interface design disaster.

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Welcome to the forum.

Glowforge support does not monitor this forum, so you will need to send them an email to inform them of your opinion of the automatic chat window. You can click “hide” to make it disappear.