Oily substance inside shipping bag

Has anyone ever had a clear oily like substance inside the protective bag that comes around a new Glowforge or the refurbished ones?

It looks like water, but has a oily feel to it. It’s inside the bag that comes wrapped around the unit and on the unit itself.
From what I can see inside the unit, the tube is okay and there is no liquid inside the unit.

You might want to check the cap on the coolant reservoir. Other people have seen similar leaks before.

I’d also suggest reaching out to Glowforge Support, so they can at least advise you on whether it’s ok to use the machine, and so if it fails it’s on record that you received it in that condition.


I have already emailed support pictures of the liquid and a short video.

I did open the lid, thinking the same thing and the cap is on there pretty tight.

I never saw anything obvious on delivery, but my machine was leaning on its side against a wall when I picked it up (and had been there a couple of days because the 2nd box took that long to show up.)

It was only a couple of years later when the exhaust fan failed and I popped off the left-side cover that I saw all the stains from leaked coolant on that side of the case.

Machine still keeps going strong over 4 years later.


That’s good to know. I know when UPS showed up this morning, it was on it’s side in the back of the truck =/ It’s not a huge amount of what I am now assuming is coolant. Just wasn’t sure what it could be or how it could effect the machine. Support takes forever to answer sometimes and I knew that I could probably get an answer here faster.

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Nobody here can give you any guarantee, but if you have sent pics and info to support, at least it is documented with them.

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its leaking coolant, since its a new unit have them exchange it
instead of making your own coolant*

*because they will not ship it to you


Could be just spillage not necessarily a leak.

Doesn’t matter the glowforge holds one quart of fluid you lose 4 ounces you fry your tube in a year

They bought new, they should get new


Lots of people over the years have reported slight leakage upon delivery and been told by support that it’s ok to run. Let support diagnose this for OP.

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I’m sorry I have to disagree with you on this, having lived thru the problem, and the lack of support from glowforge, inc with this specific issue, I know exactly how much coolant is in a glowforge, i know the tolerances, and I know there is no warning about low coolant. so sure you car will run with less coolant, until that 115° day with you running the A/C, when that extra missing pint of coolant means your humming along or broke down on the side of the road.

If something is not 100% when you buy it new, return it, you paid $$$$$ and "shim up one side, because its still “in spec” is unacceptable

Just my humble opinion, OP, etc can make their own minds up on this.


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Each to their own, of course…but, mine has been ‘shimmed’ for probably about as long as I’ve had it (4 yrs, 7 mos) and it was a hella lot easier and simpler to put a piece of 3x5 card under one corner than to box it up and send it back. Still going strong.


Mines been shimmed since it was unpacked in 2017 so the lid closed smoothly. Must be nice not having to do that.


OP here… I have had to shim every GF unit I have had. Coolant not related.


if you got a new unit RETURN IT - you have a coolant leak, do NOT accept it.
Glowforge says “oh its ok, no problem” … its a problem.


So its not a “new” unit, but I’m gonna wait and see what support says, just wondering if the OP had any resolution.

i have a solution, I made my own coolant - because Glowforge Inc would not supply any, or tell me what it was, if this is a refurb from glowforge same rule applies.

BUT if you bought it from a third party

GF told me that it was normal and it would be fine. Too bad a week later the machine isnt working anyway, even though that has nothing to do with the coolant as far as I know.


that’s not good!! – what is going on?


That sucks, I’m sorry. Thanks for the update though. Did support ask anything about the amount of liquid you were seeing? It’s not a few drips here and there on mine, the bottom of the plastic bag seems to be pretty coated with (presumably) coolant.