Orange button, then on another cut a drop in power, laser cut out, and thought I heard shorts

So today I had the Orange Button of Doom after running the machine. Let it cool, turned it off, came back to it a couple of hours later and did some more work all of a sudden it sounded like a drop in power, the laser cut out although the carriage was still moving, and through the lid I thought I saw flickering by the exhaust fan. Pulled the Plug.

A little while later, tried it again and was watching it VERY carefully. Another weird sound like a drop in power, and I thought I heard like there were shorts, and pulled the plug.

Has anyone experienced this? I haven’t had my GlowForge very long at all. I’m worried about turning it back on again…

Glowforge Pro is the model I have.

I have not had that experience - but for when staff gets here, if you could write in when this happened (and what time zone) they’ll be able to check the logs more easily (though right before you pulled the plug will probably be easy enough for them to find!)

Fingers crossed it’s something simple!


I pulled the plug for the second time, and then posted. Eastern Time Zone So whatever time the original topic posted.
I hope it is something simple!

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Greetings, fellow Robertson…
I hope it’s something simple, as well. The support team, I hope, will be able to see more about whats going on by looking at your logs.
Any power issues with other appliances in your house lately? I just moved, and I noticed some odd power drop sounds when I first got set back up here, but I also noted some lights with a slight flicker. Had to run a dedicated circuit…I’m sure, in my case, it’s just poor wiring, i.e., too many items on each circuit.
I hope your issues are resolved quickly!

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You will want to use your phone camera to take photos from inside of the connections where the black ribbon in the back connects and the two back corners from the inside and where the head ribbon connects, and post them here.

It will at least help reduce possible problems, if not identify it outright,

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Those are helpful photos on the printer head, but that’s not the black ribbon cables that @rbtdanforth was talking about. :slightly_smiling_face:

Here’s a little writeup on what to check:

Turn off the machine, take photos where the circles are shown, and if you can get a closeup shot of the connectors at the ends of the cables without unplugging them, try to get that shot as well.



Okay, very good. Support will want to take a look at those and review your machine logs from their end to come up with the next steps for you to take, so now you just wait for them to see this and they will get in touch with you once they have reviewed it and decided what it needs.

Watch for a yellow background post from Support staff…they might need to see some more pictures or have you run a small test. :slightly_smiling_face:


The good news is I do not see where the magic dug its way out, but many here have sharper eyes than mine.


Thank you so much for your input!

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I don’t either, it might just be a bad lid cable, but support has to verify and test first, so now we just wait a bit.


Thanks for all of the help and input!

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I’m so sorry to hear about the trouble with the orange button. Thank you for reaching out about this and posting those photos.

Could you please check that the white printer head cable is firmly connected to the printer head?

Once you have done that, please turn your Glowforge on and let it finish it’s calibration. I will extract the logs after you have done this and be able to advise your next troubleshooting steps.

Hi Chelsea! Thank you for replying. Calibration has just finished.

Thank you for checking the printer head cable and confirming that the printer finished calibration. My apologies for the slow reply.

I extracted the logs since you posted and didn’t see anything of concern on our end. I would recommend trying a test print.

Please let us know if you run into any more trouble with the print.

Hi Chelsea,
I started it up to do a test print. I barely got into the engrave and there were sparks and flashes coming from the circuit board area again. I cancelled the print.

Thank you for the update. Would you be able to take a few close-up photos of the circuit board which you saw flashes coming from? You can either post them here, or email them to us at and we’ll take a close look and advise on next steps.

It’s either by the circuit board or back in the corner by the fan. I can try to take a short video of it and the sound it’s making. What is the best way to get that to you? I’m trying to take photos of the very back corner and aren’t really having much luck.