Order of Proofgrade Acrylic (05APR2020)

GF Shipping and Receiving,

I just placed an order for two large sheets (20 x 48) of 1/8th in. clear acrylic sheets.

The purpose of this purchase is to fabricate face shields for Health Care Personnel and other non-medical Public Servant First Responders (Pollice, Fire, etc.).

Is there any chance you can expedite this order? (Order #: G303029406)

This is the frame that will be made from the acrylic.

These are the final products. The one on the right is a 3D printed frame that we are also fabricating. The one on the left is the laser printed frame. These shields are made of transparency film.

As transparency film is running low, I have ordered 40 gauge vinyl sheeting to use next.

Any assistance you are able to provide in getting this out as soon as possible, is and will be greatly appreciated.

Very Respectfully,

James D. Hall


The PG materials ship from Texas; I’ve been getting my (in-state) orders in like 48 hours, so the warehouse is sending them out very quickly. Hopefully that’s reassuring!

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Before you cut that on your GF check the SDS - it may be a chlorine/HCL producer which will eat your machine’s electronics when it precipitates in the air.


Thank you very much for that info!

Vinyls can release HCL so that’s why I posted the warning. It’s not all vinyls but there are enough that do that it’s worth checking.


Any actual Vinyl will produce chlorine, some things appear to be but aren’t. Also you might find the 1/8" acrylic a bit tough to get that sort of bend unless you have a way to heat it.

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Considering my professional background, I KNOW BETTER!

I was too caught up in finding an alternate for the face shield material that I let myself toss thoughts of safety aside.

I found a good easy test to detect chlorine in the material, so I will check it when it arrives. If it is a no go, then I guess it will be relegated to the bin of other materials that are destined for other non laser projects to be discovered in the future.

Thanks again for telling me to put my HAZWOPER suit back on!


That’s the real trouble - lots of things called “vinyl” aren’t so it’s not enough to rely on what it’s called :slight_smile:

Been there many times :smiley:


Not all vinyl is bad, EVA for example is safe to use. no chlorine to gum up your electronics.

Amazon has it, and when the madness is over, Joanns also.

Lots of info on EVA on this forum

If in doubt test the material with the copper rod test for chlorine. Not that that is the only baddie to look out for.


Unfortunately, we don’t have expedited shipping options for Proofgrade materials at this point. Thanks everyone for the discussion - you can read about materials safety here. 'm going to close this thread – If you want to discuss materials more, I suggest posting for advice in the Beyond the Manual section of our community. Note that advice in this section is unsupported and is not reviewed by Glowforge.

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