EVA Foam Settings for Cosplay Projects

Look for the black anti-fatigue rolls. Do NOT use the grey squares, from what I understand, the fumes are toxic. You may have to confirm, but I don’t use my forge GF to cut that kind.

You’re very wrong. Material is EVA, NOT neoprene. Call them. I did, and they verified it is EVA.

Sorry, Will. I can READ. Harbor Freight’s prices are low because they buy from assorted suppliers (see my previous notes about inconsistencies). The ones in your store may well be EVA or perhaps you got a sales person who hasn’t looked at the packaging in a while. Did you go check or just call? We gave our four packages of Neoprene mats to the yoga studio next door.

YMMV. These posts were made to assist. Everyone is welcome to cut whatever they would like in their machine. For those (edited: not speaking directly to you, Will) are using a machine at a Makerspace or other shared facility, I’d like to think you’d err on the side of caution out of consideration for others. I belong to three and all of them ban Neoprene.


Mine allows Neoprene. The other one in town does too.

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Looks great! What are the exact settings that you used?

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I personally used
325 speed
100 power
and but the one pass. This is 5mm EVA foam

I got this foam from Joann’s but good luck finding it. They had 5 different foams 3 of them NOT laser safe in 5 different areas. be very certain of the foam type. This stuff is totally laser safe.


Thanks so much! Helpful info.


Thank you, I just used the settings on the top of this thread, they worked great!

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I used these settings on SKS foam from Blick, then stained with leather stain and painted the edge decor with a silver Testors pen. Top and bottom pieces are actual leather, and the two armor pieces are foam. Love how this came out.


Really nice! I had no idea you could use leather stain on foam. Will have to give it a try!

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I have met Yaya Han. Very nice and you would never recognize her if you see her when she is not in costume.


dude! would you mind sharing your exact settings? what material did you set this as? It is incredible.

They have not visited the forum in 3 years. The settings from the OP are in the first post.

Oh dang, thank you. So you think they had used the OP’s settings? I only ask because the back and forth between comments with settings, I am excited to try this on my LARP armor.

I have no idea, but it would seem likely. Just run a small test print first - not all material is identical anyway.

Will do. Thank you so much!

I’m still around, but COVID slowed my costuming stuff, then I had some work that I couldn’t share. My current settings for 5-6mm are below. I no longer buy from Harbor Freight. I mostly buy from TNT Cosplay or a local source.

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Learning to do systematic testing to determine material settings is very useful:

Those are awesome!
How thick was the foam?
What settings on the Glowforge Pro?

Settings are two posts above the one you replied to :slight_smile:

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