Paint Mixer


I am part prop maker and part mad scientist, today was more of the latter. I hate how my model paints separate when I don’t use them so I set out to solve it. One BBQ Rotisserie motor from the Thrift Store, a square metal rod, some rubber bands, and some things I cut out of plywood and the problem is solved. I’ll just store the paint in this rack until I outgrow the storage. I would love to power it with solar panels ultimately but for now this works.

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending February 4, 2017

Very clever!
Now you need to control it with an arduino or something so you can get it to stop on the exact color you want.

Or you can always put a heat lamp over it and replace the bottles with those mini hot dogs. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Well, I do have a spare Arduino and Stepper motor. Hmmmm…




I love it. If you make a paint stand, please share! I could use one!!


Eventually I plan on making a cacao roaster. Thanks for the inspiration of looking for spare BBQ rotisserie motors at thrift stores!


I feel like it wouldn’t take much to turn this into a terrifying technicolor piece of steampunk weaponry.


I have nothing that needs rotation, but that kind of makes me want to find something. :relaxed:


Perhaps a Ferris wheel for small pets?


Like hamsters?

Or hedgehogs? :grinning:


A hedgie-go-round? I love the way you guys think! :smile:


That specific choice of pet did cross my mind, but I wouldn’t want to exclude any other pets who might want a turn riding it.


Squirrel! :dog2:


Brilliant. I love it.


Innovative, very clever :sunglasses:


That’s something I didn’t know I needed. And my crafty friends, too. I’ve bookmarked your project, and will watch for rotisserie motors in my local thrift stores.


I like the rubber bands as fasteners. I bought a three inch ball of them the other day to assist in glue up and in making things. And eventually that gattling gun! Rubber bands and binder clips should be in the tool kit of the Glowfolk.


I find they are invaluable in holding things while paint drys.


Just had a vision of an electrical surge making the hedgie-go-round spin up to such a high speed that it catapults the poor animal and now it’s flying in its spikeball form towards me.

Yes I’m at work and it’s been slow today… :smiley:


I just snorted my ice cream cone. :grin: