Paused without being paused

Around 2:00 PM 4/16/2019 Mountain time. Another run of tokens, the machine self-paused without an error message or yellow button. UI said “Paused, press the button to resume”.
I did, and it finished. Around #50 out of a run of 56 cuts after the first side engrave.

Just a heads-up. I never saw that behavior across 5,000 of these same tokens. It would be nice to know if the logs indicated a cause for that anomaly.


Happened again, around 7:00 PM. Solid white button.
Hit the button and the head budged and stopped again. Hit again and the job looks like it’s going to finish. Interesting to me that the issue manifested toward the end of the file again.
Okay, I’ve never had an issue with my machine, and worried is too strong a word - but my attention is keen.

Just happened again, 7:20 something. I pushed the button and it did another 2 cuts and stopped.
Stopped twice more. Pushing the button immediately resumes operation.


Boy, that’s odd. No magnets on the bed or anything? Power surges? Loose staple?


I suspect it’s the Tesla overlord taking over the rest of the appliances!

Wait until you use the mixer the next time :wink:

I’m hoping we hear what is causing the problem if the logs don’t show it’s the Tesla.


Different circuit, but if it were the Overlord - I pledge my sword.


New policy to verify you are near the machine and have not left? Not sure what sensors it’s using but you might want to move around more or have your vitals checked. :smiley:


I did have magnets, but the head wasn’t close to them, the assist fan didn’t stop, and no fan warning message. No message of any kind.
Watching the machine and when it would stop I pushed the button as fast as I could and it would resume. Sometimes only seconds between pauses.

I haven’t run any more, waiting on material, but I’m hoping whatever gremlin it was has moved on… :grimacing:
I would still like to hear what support could glean from the logs.

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Wonder if you could set up a print and wait for the Print button light to start flashing. Then lightly tap the machine a few times on the right top to see if it is an intermittent print button. Though that wouldn’t rule out a connection or circuitry further down the line.


Good idea.
It was strangely reminiscent of a loose connection, now that you mention it. I never had a single problem with either machine (other than that fan grill face-loading), and I haven’t seen any other similar reports. Thanks Rick.

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Wasn’t able to reproduce the behavior. Did as you suggested with no effect, so I ran the file anyway and tapped on the button bezel, and the right side with no effect. The pause function works as it should, and presents the same message I saw during the first incident.

Interesting to me that the occurrences both happened almost at the end of a 2 hour op.

Loose connection exacerbated by heat expansion?

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The thermal cycle does present a possibility.

I’m so sorry for the delay.

Thank you so much for the details. I’m looking into it now. As soon as I have more information I’ll update this thread.

I think this has been resolved so I’m going to close this thread.

If you’re still having trouble, let’s use the other thread for that:

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