Personalized Tortillas?

A few nights ago my kids thought it would be great if we could personalize some corn chips. Interested idea, but they are not very flat. So, why not a tortilla!!!

When you have a hot family AND a hot GF, there truly is no limit…


Now, for some Mexican Chicken Soup!!


  1. The other lines you see on the tortilla were just me testing the setting.
  2. We did put baking/wax paper down on the crumb tray before engraving the tortilla just in case a kid tried to eat it. No reason to expose them to rubber or leather dust from other projects.
  3. The tortilla was NOT Proofgrade! :joy:

Probably not Proofgrade either. :joy:

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Corn or Wheat grade?

You make your corn chips after lasering the tortilla.

Flour tortillas. 0.0951" thick. 1000 speed, 75 power.


This is magical!!!

Thank you for the fantastic idea.