Positioning off from preview to print

Hi all, we are still very much newbies, but having an issue where the preview is off by a bit compared to the final print. Help!


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If your material is flat against the bed and the thickness is entered correctly (or the Proofgrade detected properly) you should be within approximately 1/4". Judging by the sticker for scale, you might be a bit more than that. Improving visual alignment is in the hopper. They captured calibration data on your unit before they shipped it out that they’ll use to improve alignment someday in the future. Until then, you can use a jig or “Kentucky windage” if you need it to be more precise.

Once something prints, the camera shows the pink preview as being off, but it’s really just the camera. If you didn’t touch anything and ran the job again, it would print right over the top of the first print. It’s something that needs fixed, but at least you can reprint something without it being off. :blush:


can you explain what type of jig to use? also, whats Kentucky windage?:grinning::glowforge:

The jig takes advantage of the fact that relative placement of objects in your design are reproduced precisely, it’s only the picture from inside the Glowforge that can’t be trusted. There are examples in the forum, a good one is here:

Kentucky windage is too fiddly for me, but some use it:

Thanks again @markwal! you’re a rock star. @rachel please open a new topic if/when you have more questions!