Pre-Release | Stamp "Unless"

My students make small laser cut items for our capsule vending machine as a fundraiser. I’d love to add small stamps to our repertoire. Thanks for the idea.


Not really. The rubber stamp mode would be a 3d engrave that widens the deeper it gets, giving more strength to the stamp.

They were definitely promised by @dan - I asked the question to him and he told me it was happening. Dan’s words:

‘we’ll definitely do stamps. Demoing it in the near future is the part that’s on the wishlist.’


Read further down:


As it sits now- It can do stamps. Are you wanting a specific mode that does it (vs. just putting in the manual power/speed?) Or you mean proofgrade rubber? What was demoed above by @rebecca shows you can do it. As for the ‘widening the base of the stamp’ you can do that now also. But that would require a depth map of some kind.

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If they ever roll out 3D engraving then it could be done with OpenSCAD and an STL to greyscale conversion.


But better if it’s a specific cutting mode.


Well I got that wrong. I was too rushed yesterday morning. I saw that post. I just focused on the ‘Demoing it in the near future is the part that’s on the wishlist’ and interpreted it wrongly as having nothing else is on the wishlist - like doing rubber stamps. I thought he was contradicting himself and therefore nothing was really promised. If the timing was slightly different yesterday morning and I learned how to quote single lines from a post before posting this then you would have had the pleasure of seeing me have that quote in my mistaken post.

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Wow! I’ve never done stamps but now I’m tempted.


I happened to see a post all about how to create a depth map for exactly this use: Tutorial Making a stamp with a 3D sloped profile


May I ask what settings you used for this?

Searching on [material name] (e.g., “stamp rubber”) + settings in the Beyond the Manual category (the only place settings are allowed to be posted in this forum) yields a lot of results. Here is a redux I found after a quick search:

There is a lot of variability in materials. Learning to test to find your own settings is worthwhile:

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Did you end up using this yet? How did it turn out? I have a sheet of this, can’t find a solid answer yet if it is good to use or not. Thanks!

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I used it a couple of times. It works well, but it’s very smelly and dusty.

I’ve used the laser rubber as well. That worked a bit better, less smell.

Great! I just ordered some of the laser rubber but I think I will try a couple with the Red Baron in the mean time. Thanks!

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