Patience Finally Justified! :+1:
But the Universe gives me no breaks. Received the laser a few days ago, but after months of slack time, I found myself committed to a time sensitive project - just as Rita came up for air and asked if I wanted a pre-release. :astonished:
I had to just look at those boxes for three days.:confounded: I has serious incentive to finish!

What a magnificent machine! Prettiest thing in the whole shop, looks like it belongs in the living room!
Very well made, I am so glad I jumped into the pre-sale - and hung in there!
Turns out I wasn’t drinking Kool aid. All of my confidence in the Founders was well placed!
Thank you Gentlemen, and Well Done Glowforge Team!!:bow:

I was planning on setting a new record time to first print, but decided I should be careful with it, especially since it’s not mine.
Prepared slide-out shelf works as smooth as silk, Great to have that void finally occupied.

Founder’s ruler was the first print, but you all know what that looks like, so here…

Of course it is a scrap of proofgrade, but you get the idea. That’s a file I prepared a year ago of a man I greatly admired. I was going to do my avitar but decided Jimi is much better looking!
Detail is wonderful, and I plan to do him big on leather and frame it. :sunglasses:

The first trace I did came out good except for that void bug we have seen.

Wanted to try a variation on the trace feature, so I found a free image online with my Pixel C tablet and put it in the bed to scan.

Then I scaled it down to 2 inches and PrintToLaser baby!

BTW, I highly recommend the maple as your first material. If there is any fault in your evacuation system you want to be smelling wood - not leather!
In spite of sealing the flanges of the booster fans, the little junction box on the side where the electrical connections are made leaked a little.

Still educating myself on the UI, inkscape, Gimp and Fusion 360, but a new creative world just opened up for me and I couldn’t be happier about it!

These guys have come through with flying colors people. Your faith was well placed, and the wait will soon be history! :+1::wink:


I think you lost that by looking at the boxes for three days… :grin:

But when you finally opened them !! fantastic job!!! Love the prints…
Standard questions…
…what did you name it?
… were the motion tags triggered?
… how many walkers have you killed… oh wait scratch that last one -


So glad you have filled that void! :wink:
I can’t wait to see what your creativity brings, and you are already off to a great start.


By the way on mine there were no motion tags last week…


Dang that drawer was slick! I may steal that! Haha. How does it handle vibrations?

Congrats on getting a unit!!


Is that Obama?! What’s he up to these days anyway?

Great to see so many pre-release units out there. Congrats @PrintToLaser


Thank you!
Decided on ‘Dropforge’ at this point. Dropped my tablet in there and ‘forged’ that image.
The rotation was triggered, but there was no shock tag on it.
The big box and the small print head box had been opened and hastily re taped with clear box tape.
This is what it looked like before I cut the tape.

Edit - My advice to make a notation on the bill you sign? Yeah, they use little electronic boxes now so no where to write… :no_mouth:


No issue at all. Machine runs smooth as glass!
Having it on a wheeled table shouldn’t be any problem. :+1:


Oh, that’s awesome! Answers something I have been wondering! Thanks!!


Squeeeeeee! Congratulations! Looking forward to some beautiful hand-drawn artwork, Glowforge style! :grinning:


Yeah, well - my drawing skills have laid dormant for long enough that I need to practice riding that bicycle again!
I’ve got this ear bug whispering 'cintiq… cintiq…'
Geez, it never ends. ‘All I need now is…’


DUDE! WHAT!? YES! So excited to see you got yours! Congrats! Right out the gate with some cool stuff… keep it up! Welcome to the fold


Thank you Sir!
Well pleased to join the group. :sunglasses::+1: This is getting real.


Awesome!!! So exciting seeing more of these in the hands of my “glowfriends”.
Cant wait to see your creations😃


Glad to see you got yours, but don’t forget all of us cheering you on. Just keep the pictures and tips coming. :grinning:


Very nice reveal you have given us. Will have to try the scan from an iPad trick for easy peasy illustration. Enjoy the ride!:Glowforge


Oh wow, I am SO excited that you got one! I was totally expecting you to be one of the first. And I really love the ruler, it’s absolutely perfect! :squeeee:


Congratulations! Very happy to see you get a PRU.

Love the Jimi graphic too - rock on!


Congratulations! Can’t wait to see what you create with it.


Congratulations! Love the roll-out table/drawer thing and seeing your laser work.

For the “bug,” you may try using ctrl-down keys to adjust the contrast when using the trace function.