PRO unit SHIPPING notification!


Continuing the discussion from Got THE email for my PRO order!:

Figured this warranted it’s own post! WOOOOHOOOOO!

I received the shipping notification/tracking info email this evening (August 7th). UPS says I should expect Friday August 11th delivery!

For the record, I received the “do you want your Glowforge Pro unit now?” email June 30th. At that point they said I should receive the Glowforge within 6 weeks. They kept to their word & if I do indeed receive it this Friday, that would make it exactly 6 weeks lol

ProForgeOne has arrived! FIRST PRO UNIT IN THE WIIIILD!

HUZZAH!!! :tada: :confetti_ball: :fireworks: :sparkler: :star_struck:


Awesome! :grinning:



Yeah! One in the wild!


Finally! Now I’d expect an update announcement on the heels of that. Hand built and one of a kind!


Oh yeah…congrats!!


Talk about cutting it close. Congrats!


Can’t wait to hear you have it…
So Close… :grin:


Yay yay yay!! :tada::tada:


Great news! Just in time for the weekend! Congratulations!


As I look at the bottom of the coffee cup and try to decipher its meaning, I see… I see… it looks like… yes… it IS… A THREE-DAY WEEKEND is in your immediate future!


Congrats!!! Can’t wait to see it in action. I’m guessing we will see an August update shortly now that the first pro has shipped.


That is fantastic news! I think we are all eager to see what a pro an do out in the wild :smile:


Great news. Please give us all the details of the reciept and unpacking process, as well as your initial projects. This is a big milestone!


I am very curious on how the packaging looks and would love to see some pictures of the passthrough in action!


Here’s hoping. The silence is making me nervous…


There are no weekends for new parents :stuck_out_tongue:


and no sleep (says the guy with a 3 week old & is semi-functioning at work on 3 hours of sleep)


What??? I didnt see any pictures in Glowparents!! You must give us the details… :smile::heart::heart: