Pro vs. Basic shipping schedule



I was just curious if the Pro units have a different shipping schedule than the Basic units?
This is in reference to the pre-campaign to post-campaign shipping schedules.
I’ve read a couple threads that touched on the topic but didn’t see anything solid?

I’m asking because I ordered a Pro unit but it was after the main Campaign but over a year ago.
Are the Pro and Basic units built on the same assembly line or do they each have their own line?

Also is the any numbers posted as to the number of basic units sold verses Pro units?
It seems that if 1000 Basic units were sold and 500 Pro units and they are being built simultaneously Pro buyers would receive theirs at a faster pace?

Apologies if this was previously posted I didn’t find anything this specific when I searched…


i think there are about 50% more pros than basics ordered the last time this subject was touched upon. if you take a look at the most recent update thread, @dan mentioned that while pro production was starting after basic, they plan on shifting production strongly to the pro line in order to make up for it, with the goal of meeting the current shipping target for all lasers (regardless of model).


I seem to recall reading somewhere that 70% were pro, though I’m not sure where I’m getting that from.


I’m surprised to hear those numbers?
I figured more basic units would have sold just because of the cost difference.


yup, as i recall gf said they were surprised at that ratio too


Anyway, as to the schedule, the first pro unit is scheduled to ship June 30, plans are for pro and basic to finish shipping about the same time.


Did you get an email from Dan with the June update to the schedule? If not check your spam filter and make sure you are getting emails from Glowforge as you will get your offer of shipping by email.


This is from the “When is the GF Pro Shipping” Posts


Pro units are starting production a few weeks later, but are scheduled to finish production at the same time as Basic.

The same line.[quote=“1jason.fleck, post:1, topic:8779”]
Also is the any numbers posted as to the number of basic units sold verses Pro units?

No, we haven’t posted any numbers.

Production units being delivered

Thanks for the replies, I have read everything that was replied.
It’s all still very vague.
And with out number of units sold then there’s no way to anticipate.
I was hoping to get a better idea of when I might receive mine as I’m sure everyone is wondering.
I know production units have only just started to ship and apparently there no way to know where you stand in the queue.
I guess going forward maybe the GF team will post numbers…
“25 basic units and 20 pro units shipped this week” sort of update.
Just frustrated I guess, apologies
I just assume I will have my deliver by Christmas lol…


this is the safe way to proceed.


I think there are something like 10,000 orders and more than half are pro. So it needs to quickly ramp up to an order of magnitude higher than that per week.


It’s was just an example lol…


I wonder if unit production and unit delivery might be working to different time-tables.
As we saw some of the deliveries were borderline-unacceptable thanks to the Couriers and with that in mind it would be hard for :glowforge: to feel confident sending them straight off as they come off the assembly line.

A potential flaw in this thinking is that if they ARE producing more than they are delivering then they would also need decent warehousing options and i have seen no evidence of this.


I wonder if flex provides anything like that as an optional service? it seems like something they could handle. i know very little about them, however.


That could be the case if they were totally confident in production quality but not in the shipping.

I think dan said they were soak testing for a week. That is a very long time for modern equipment and I would think not practical for volume production. They would need a hall full of hundreds of machines whirring away. Power, aircon, wifi, and fume extraction would be a major challenge.

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