Promise to have products in the promotional video available for free to people who had to wait to get their glowforge

At some point, Dan announced that because production was delayed, he promised that the products shown in the video would be free to us from the catalog. I would love to have the designs for the cardboard globe lamp, the Victorian dollhouse, and the Gatling Gun Drone. Do you plan to make those available to us for free?



I’ve been wanting for the dollhouse too!

I know he’s mentioned that the cardboard globe is limited by there being no such thing as PG cardboard, and that they were working on simplifying the gatling gun, but nothing (that I recall) on the dollhouse

I do believe someone else posted a globe design…there it is: Cardboard Globe - similar to the one in the Glowforge Video

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We haven’t finished adding those designs to the catalog yet, but we will add all the designs from the video in the future - and when we do, Founders will receive them free of charge!