Promotional video designs and Catalog leaving Beta

@dan, I’m really curious to hear any updates you have in regards to the Catalog. Mentioned numerous times that “it’s in the works”, but what’s the scoop on the catalog? Seems to be a lack of focus there since it’s been in a beta form with no movement in over 2 years of released Glowforges.

Also, those designs that were promised from the crowd-source video; any updates to them?


Many of the designs have been released - which one(s) are you looking for?

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Drone, dollhouse, earth, wallet, you know, the items in the promotion video that was posted 4 years ago.

No I don’t, as many of the items have been released. I don’t track them because I make my own designs - but
the last official word: Promise to have products in the promotional video available for free to people who had to wait to get their glowforge - #4 refers to anything not yet released

and also:

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Thanks for the response, but these aren’t glowforge solutions, just individuals providing their own works of art. None of these designs are in the originally touted catalog library.

I design my own items as well, (have to with owning 2 lasers and a cnc router, but I am looking for the follow-through from the company itself. So much effort is being placed in different bins, but I don’t see any of this effort being placed in the catalog.

Promo video designs added to the Catalog since its original release:

Compass Rose Notebook Cover
Waves of Good Fortune pattern
Springtime in Kyoto pattern
Have A Blast cupcake topper
Plane Party birthday card
Modern Mosaic Pencil Holder

Catan Board (Currently available by clicking on the little gift icon next to your name in the app)


Oooooh, thanks for the list…I didn’t want to have to sort them out again from all the other cool freebie designs. :smile:

(I love this group!)


I was wanting the monitor stand with the multiple colors of wood and acrylic

and also the mansion (in hopes of a granddaughter or great niece one day).

I am wanting to use the stand on a table and put a monitor on it hooked to my Surface or work laptop… that way it elevates above and I can have an extra screen to work from on a small table while we watch TV.


Admittedly, a very cool monitor stand! (No grandkids to take advantage of the doll house, but might have to make one for me one day.) :smile:

Hmmm…that looks easy enough to design but it’s going to be a material pig because each layer won’t nest.

What I’d do is design with the full slice for the first & last piece. Then for all the others, I’d split it in half so they could nest on a sheet and eat up fewer full sheets. You’ll end up with a line down the middle so if that’s not okay, I’d take the full slice design and instead of splitting it in half, I’d split it 75/25% along the topside length and then alternate their placement in the stack so you’d have full, left 25%, right 75%, then left 75, right 25…


Some guy posted a similar design earlier today. Might be worth checking out…

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The Dollhouse and Simple folded Wallet.

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yes yes yes!! Dollhouse and simple wallet … agreed!

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