Promised design files

Been over two years now. When can we expect to get them?

I’m going to shift your question to the Everything Else category for you, this one is for threads with shared design files attached. :slightly_smiling_face:

Which designs were you looking for? Some of them have not been released yet, although a handful of them have. (They should be in the Dashboard.)

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Sorry about that and thank you for moving it. I’m just looking for the ones we were told we would get when purchasing a glow forge.

We’ve already gotten a handful of them…I just wanted to make sure you were checking the little gift that shows up on the Dashboard whenever there is a red dot on it. (There’s a freebie hiding in there whenever there’s a red dot, and not everyone is aware of it. They put something new out there about once a month or so.)

We’ve gotten some really cool little designs. I went back and looked at the original vid, and we already have the sushi wrap patterns, the chocolate cupcake toppers, the notebook cover, the Catan board parts…and I think that’s it from the original vid. But we’ve gotten some other really cool stuff like the Moon lamp and Portuguese pencil cup and leather organizers, cribbage board and wand designs. Just wanted to make sure you were checking that regularly.


I still hope for the doll house!


Definitely, me too! :smile: (Although I’d probably be better off designing one a little smaller. Since it would have to be for me.)


To be honest, I don’t know if all the little girls in my family want one. I might make one to have for visitors. That’s it, it’d be for visitors.



Thank you for your reply. I have seen a lot of great stuff offered by folks which is really cool. Thing is I bought the glow forge with the intent of printing stuff that they said I can print on the home page. I can’t because I don’t have the promised files or they are not in the catalog. The Barista Pourover Coffee Stand for example, it is still on the home page. There are others. But they are still basically lying about that to all new customers also. Things like that speak loud about a company, yup that would be you Dan. Guess I am just disappointed to see it.


No real answer but you’re not the first to complain.

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Hi as a question - did anybody see it the world globe was out there/ released. I am sure I could hunt down something - but I was looking to stay in the space of it works.

Woo hoo thank you

Politely disagree. @Dan has stated repeatedly that the designs in the original video (not the entire set of examples on the homepage) would eventually be made available, but that no timetable has been set. I know that’s not the answer you want, but that’s what we have.


I am actually working on a design for one! That’s hilarious. Oh…and it’s not the big project I am working on now. LOL


Wow, really?? Crazy coincidence!

And darn, I can’t wait to see your big project. And that means I have to wait for the doll house!! I will be your first purchase on the doll house!


I do understand. But really they are saying you can build this stuff with the Glow Forge because we have the files and mats to do so. This is where it becomes disappointing for me and seems to be for others.

I bought in to the whole Glow Forge ecosystem, with good reason. That was the selling point for me. I love my Glow Forge. And yes I like Dan. I think he and his team have created a great opportunity for people to take creating to another level with an ease of use that makes the Glow Forge worth the expense.

Waiting this long for designs to “pop up” is really a buzz kill for a number of reasons. I am sure you have heard plenty of them. Also seeing that Glow forge is advertising stuff that they can’t seem to deliver after two years is a bit excessive.

I guess what I would like to see is a response from the Glow Forge folks about what’s up? I am not trying to sound snitty, I am just not afraid to talk about the elephant in the forum.

This may have come up before, but I would think there would be some Maker Spaces that would work with you on the whole design thing. Probably even for a store credit for mats.

I really see that could be a pretty cool opportunity many could benefit from. Just a thought.

I think it is great that the community has stepped up and helped out to fill this void and how folks just seem to like to help others. My thanks to you and the Glow Forge Team.

If you want a response from Glowforge direct, you need to post your question in a new thread over in the Problems and Support section. It’s the only one they routinely monitor.

I can do that but why not just move it there?

They only get flagged by New Topics. (Eventually they would probably see it, but it doesn’t get a ticket assigned to it unless it is a New Topic.)

Ok that speaks loudly. Great Customer Support! Never mind.