Purple button means your Glowforge is near death

I want to update the thread from last week to help someone who might get the purple button.

This replacement Pro arrived on July 23. It was brand new —not one scratch. It looks like it just came off the assembly line. Around July 27 of 28th the first purple button appeared.

It appeared 1 minute after I started a print. It was also the first project that day. The Glowforge stopped but the air assist fan was still running. I turned off the machine and turned back on a minute later. No problems!!

Last Wednesday August 17– the 2nd purple button appears and this was also the first project that day. The machine only has 10.5 hours on it. Again the 2nd purple button came within 1 minute after starting print.

The next day I contacted support. Over the weekend, I sent GF support a ZIP file they requested.

Yesterday the 3rd purple button appears.

Today GF support sent me this. My machine has only been used 14 hours.

If you see a purple button —.contact support.


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