Purple button question

Does the purple button still mean lost internet?

Started a 3 minute job. At 2 minutes the purple button appears. Print stopped but the fan was still running.

Now the 1st minute of this 3 minute job there should have been scoring. No scoring.

GF is not ok.

This is a brand new out of the box replacement.

Once the file is uploaded to your Glowforge, internet is not required to complete the job. Your internet could go off, but it will (should) finish the cut since it is now in its memory.


@Docsis is correct.


I don’t recall ever reading about a situation where the button was teal unless manually set to wifi setup mode.

It definitely does not revert to that if there is a loss of wifi signal. I just tested, the machine just remains idle when no signal is present.


The button turned purple.

I just found this. I will be contacting support. This is the 2nd time the purple button has appeared since receiving this machine.

That is unfortunate. What a hassle…

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Do you know what is really funny about this exchange of messages? You and I could be texting each other. Other people come here and see this thread they would never believe you and I are thick as thieves.

I sent support a message. I will have a stroke if their reply —-send back the machine.

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if they reply, “send back the machine”, (or "you can buy a refurbished one for $1200) I would tell them that you are going with another company. Use some choice words if you want to spice things up.

Perhaps, think about brands like OMTech, Monport, Epilog, etc. These are more powerful and feature rich, faster, have larger cutting areas, upgradable, easily repairable. AND MANY ARE CHEAPER THAN GLOWFORGE! Most are compatible with Lightburn, which gives you 100% control of your machine. I have been watching YouTube videos about Lightburn. It really lets you see just how limited the Glowforge UI is.
I have my eye on am OMTech AF2028-80, which I plan on buying by the end of the year. I will just donate my Glowforge to a local school or something (since it is still operational at this time).
With some research, you can find one that fits your needs and is from a reputable company. There are plenty to choose from.
My Glowforge just went out of warranty. It currently works well. I have been happy with it, and it was a great way to learn the technology. But I am ready to move up to a more “industrial style” machine. I have become so disappointed in the lack of tech support and quality control from Glowforge, based on all the complaints here in the forums. Personally, I no longer recommend it.

The people on the Glowforge forums, on the other hand, are GREAT!


QFT. I could have written exactly that.

Glowforge does have the chance to keep me – but I need to see the product evolve in significant ways.

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Going to be “that guy” but you’ve seen what’s become of GF’s quality. Hence my “hassle” comment earlier.

My machine is on the way out but after almost 5 years I don’t blame them. I don’t have the money to replace it.

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Glowforge support has ALWAYS been great.

August 2019– purchased a Glowforge Pro
July 2020– Ten months of ownership still under warranty my pro died!! Less than 2 weeks later brand new Pro arrived.

Six weeks ago, the bottom left gantry wheel cover cracked. Could not be fixed. Only had 260 hours.

Support gave me 2 choices. Send mine in for repair and it would be about 8 weeks. Cost with shipping $1200 or purchase a replacement for $1200 shipping included and a 3 month warranty.

I am very fortunate I do have the warranty —-I just do not want to deal with the hassle.

I have only the best things to say about Glowforge support.

The entire time I had my first pro and then my second pro I never saw the purple button. Now the purple button has appeared 2 times.

Started using the new machine on July 23 and it only has 10.5 hours of use.

I keep meticulous time. Every print time gets recorded. It helps me keep time for cleaning.

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I’m really spoiled by the Glowforge. I don’t want a machine with a water pump. We had one at work and it was nasty and a hassle to maintain.


they use a couple gallons of distilled water that you need to switch out about every 6 months. Not sure what you had there, but these are pretty simple (there are other brands and price points):

6L Water Chiller - Laser Engraver Accessories - OMTech – OMTech Laser


I think the poor tech support and quality went downhill in early 2022, based on forum posts and comment. Anything purchased since then seems to suck.

We had a bucket and aquarium pump and some plastic tubing. And algae. And water on the floor every time somebody moved it.

Admittedly, it was a shared space, with all the maintenance (or lack thereof) that goes along with that. I keep things clean, but that’s also the reason I don’t want a device filled with water that I have to take care of.


OK. I get it… but did you look at this one? It is sealed and has it’s own pump and it uses distilled water. And it chills the water, which means the laser tube stays cooler and can run longer without overheating.
The water tank on the Glowforge is inside the unit and will only be as cool as the temperature inside the Glowforge… which gets warm, thus lowering the time the laser can run at a time and shortens its life span.
But I get it. It isn’t’ for everyone. Some like the simplicity of the Glowforge and it meets their needs.

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Exactly correct. Everyone’s mileage may vary. A higher powered machine will require active liquid cooling, for sure. My Glowforge Pro is sufficient for my needs and has never overheated in my air conditioned basement.

When it eventually breaks down, however, it won’t be a simple or obvious decision to replace it. I got in on the crowdfunding campaign and it was an absolute steal. The retail price tag on it now is well outside my range as a hobbyist. Maybe that means I’d put up with the external chiller for the one you recommended. I have my fingers crossed that I won’t have to answer that question for a few more years.


:grinning: :+1:

I have a GF plus… it has worked great up until two weeks ago. I got. Yellow light and it hasn’t worked since. Support said they looked at the data associated with my machine and said it must be that I cut unapproved material… they are full of it. I have never cut any vinyl or anything like PVC. I cut only this bass, birch or balsa wood. They have ceased to even respond to me via email. Ultimately they told me they would sell me a refurbished machine for $3245. I said no and hired an attorney. I also filed a formal complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. The machine is nice but the company is crooked… I will spend the $3245 on attorney fees before I would even let GF take me out to lunch. I have posted on many websites and GF pages how they do business. They are absolute crooks!

Your post has absolutely nothing to do with the original post. You’re welcome to vent here, but it’s not being seen by anyone except other users.

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