QOTD: Your Creative Resolutions

I cant wait to see what you have in store! I definitely have some board game based projects on the slate when I get my GF!

Nice goals, Bailey - my wife also is into painting and other art projects.

For me, my resolution…and this may sound hippy, is to focus more on making things that are helpful for basically…the world ;-). I’ve used the 3D printing to make all kinds of completely novel things like rubber band guns and gear cubes, etc…all very cool and fun, but I want to see more creative juice applied to doing good.

There’s some cool 3D printing projects -one that allow you to setup your own hydro gardens, which can be helpful in urban areas, wheelchairs for dogs, floating bucket adapters that sift garbage and oil off of water surfaces, etc.

I always admired the TED talk of a professor who travels to Africa every year to work with kids and come up with engineering projects that help their community. They’re come up with ways of making fairly inexpensive water pumps for wells and even simple modifications to bicycles that allow you to grind corn/ wheat more efficiently.

Sorry for the lengthy response…I normally just like to make cool new things, but why not make them actually useful and helpful?!

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Completing and pushing my product line of natural body products. Learning how to design things in 3d since I also want a 3d printer. Finding someone to copy a small glass design for essential oils. Seeing up a proper work room. Paint more. For myself. For fun.

And hopefully push myself to just go ahead and do things bc I have a fear of things not being perfect so then I don’t do it. I need to relax.

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The curse of an artist - your own worst critic.
When the result is less than you invisioned, falling short is what will empower you to push against your limits.
It is the journey that counts, that’s where you grow. The result you were after is just the cherry on top.

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If only my brain could understand that. I also have an anxiety disorder so :stuck_out_tongue:

theres always version 2!

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That’s the frame of thought I should have. Tho making mistakes can get a bit pricey with some of the products I make. I have to make an effort to think more positively ^^


I just watched the southpark documentary 6 days to air last night. Its about them having 6 days between book of mormon and the start of their new season to get an episode done from start to finish. They didnt even know what it was going to be about. One of the concepts that Trey puts out there is the time limitation factor in completing a project/episode. As they have a hard deadline, they just have to finish things. He said if he had as much time as he wanted he would probably spend an extra 4-5 weeks on the episode and it would maybe be 5% better. The last day or two before its done, they hate everything theyve done and think its awful, and then once it finally gets to air and everyone loves it, they ease up on themselves.

Sometimes its hard to see past all the tiny little things, but most of the time youre the only one that sees them. In some senses it can be good as it helps you progress in your craft, but you have to use it as a motivator instead of a demotivator. I know the struggle all too well


That is key. It is a living skill. A positive attitude - always keep a finger on the positive side of that scale, and it will pay off in spades.

Synapses frequently used become more adept.
I remember holding my Daughter at about 12+ months, her eyes fixed on the outside world around her. Her arms extended to the sides, wrists, hands and fingers constantly flexing, that she was oblivious to.
Her brain was establishing neural pathways for motor control - and prunning millions of redundant connections she was born with. That’s how we wire ourselves.
The wiring for our mental processes is similar in that established pathways are to a degree default. Path of least resistance as it were.
“Seek and ye shall find” is a deep truth regarding your perspective, as we tend to find what we are looking for.
I have a neighbor, poor guy who’s life is always out of joint. Across twenty years there has always been something wrong, missing or corrupt. It is what he expects, so that’s what he sees. He has inadvertently wired himself that way across life.

To find a reason to be upset or anxious we won’t have to look far. The same holds for reasons to be grateful and satisfied.
The key is perspective. Be careful with it, it colors your life.

takitus makes a good point about clearity when you are immersed in a project so deep you can’t see the forest for the trees.
Sometimes I feel like I am pushing against a current to progress further in a project. When I am able to recognize that - I mentally turn around, pick my feet up and let that current carry me. Time to take a break, walk around and come back with a view from altitude.

I can hardly wait to start making mistakes with my laser. (I just want to make them on cardboard and pine instead of leather and walnut.) :slightly_smiling:


Hey hey, I actually did some of this so far…

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I really appreciate what you said here. I can certainly use your advice and insight in my own life. Sounds as though I am similar to Cecilia in many ways when it comes to producing what my mind’s eye sees. I hereby resolve to become more positive in my endeavors and be a little ‘nicer’ to myself when I make mistakes, which will be many. The most important thing I need to remember is to use mistakes as motivation and not as demotivation. I’m saving your words as a good reminder. I also particularly liked your example of ‘negative’ wiring. I have a close family member that fits right into that. Thank you!

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