Red cable getting caught on heatsink

Hey there, just setup my new GF Pro. Its out of focus and can’t read the QR code. I cleaned the camera with a wipe as instructed to others and its still blurry. Halp!

The camera uses a mathematical equation to give you a rectangular image - so often things in the corner are way blurry. There’s nothing wrong with the machine, but it can be scary. Go to the drop down on the left and select the correct material and it should do just fine :slight_smile:

(this is what it looks like to the camera!: The Glowforge bed image is smaller than my material)

Also, once you have done that the image often updates and gets clearer :slight_smile:

Remember that you’ll never get to print on the very top or left of the piece of full-sized wood, so be sure to put the piece in as far down and to the right as you can (still on the grid, not the plastic edge) and go go go! If your placement is off after you’ve printed your first test there is a Camera Alignment you can do to make it spot on!


Go ahead and try your first three prints as instructed. Just select your material from the drop down and use the set focus tool. If things don’t cut/engrave/score as they should, take pictures and report.


In addition to the other comments, sometimes the sticker is placed on the material too far into the corner. It needs to be an inch or so from the sides.

But QRs can be read from any angle so if you spin ithe board around so the code is in the upper left it will often read it fine. :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, once you get the first prints done you might want to run the print calibration routine from the Support pages. You can also use the Set Focus (under the gear icon in the toolbar) and that will help it focuses better too.


That doesn’t change the lid camera focus, which is fixed… but you knew that…

It can make it clearer - something something algorithm something - knowing the height of the sticker sometimes helps


It helps the camera dewarp and interpolate the clear picture because now the machine knows where the material is.

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Yeah, something something algorithm something :stuck_out_tongue:


So, my prints are about 1/2 inch or more off of where the preview shows them. I’ve chatted with support as well as emailing them and have yet to hear back. Do they normally take more than 48 hours to respond? GF is brand new and I want to play around with some larger prints, but don’t want to go off the material due to the lack of accuracy.

They are not there on weekends.

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Sadly they can take up to three days to get back to you on things. 1/2" is too much variance. I suggest you try running the lid camera calibration to see if it can be corrected.

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I’m new around here… where do I find said lid camera calibration tool? Thanks so much to everyone for your help!!!

I will post the link. One interesting thing about your alignment issue, is that it only seems to be a vertical offset. Side to side, your design is ok, but the cut is lower than you expect. Before the improved camera alignment, we used to determine how far off our machine was and then just adjust. For example, if you use the cursor and count how many clicks too low your machine printed, when setting up your next design you can align visually, then move the design that many clicks and print. I’ll link to that information as well. Here is the lid camera calibration.

Here is another way to align things once you know specifically how far off your machine is. However, being 1/2" off is not normal and support still needs to address this with you.

Hey all, so I tried the calibration tool and ended up cancelling the job because it got towards the bottom and was bumping against the front of the machine?! That doesn’t seem like a normal thing to happen? I’ve attached a photo of the change and you can see the line is messed up due to it bumping against the front.

I double checked that the machine was level, the crumb tray is in correctly, there are nothing in the grooves that the tray sits in… any ideas? I’m a new owner of the GF and have only had it for a hot second so welcome any and all advice while I wait for GF tech support.

I suspect that your Glowforge is centering/calibrating ok but not returning all of the way back to the corner like it should.

Can you take a couple pictures of the ribbon cable that is attached to the head showing how it is routed/connected? A wider view that shows how the cable is laid in the track, and a closer view to how it’s connected to the head?

So, I think you might be right… it seems like the gantry (the arm?) doesn’t want to go all the way back. Here are some photos. image image image

Got it. Good pics… contrast is a little flat, but… :wink:

It looks to me like the laser arm isn’t going all the way back - based on your overhead view.

Do you have a basic, plus or pro?

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I have a pro. It looks like the arm should absolutely be going further back but it’s at the end of its movement there.