Registration mark for tiered bowl

I apologize in advance if this has been asked before but I have looked through many posts and can’t find the answer… I’m wanting to make some tiered offset bowls and was wondering if anyone has any tips on registration marks for gluing after. I’m trying to get about 10 degree rotation per tier and it is a pain to eyeball it.
Any advice would be appreciated.

Pins are your friend. I’ve done some work where a box spirals, like so:

And @primal_healer did some excellent work with offset pins recently:

But if you go way back in time, I did this spiral thingy:

So yeah pins are great for this, you can choose to hide them or to feature them, it’s really up to you.


Those are awesome designs by the way… That could be an option, the problem is that each layer is a little over 1/8 in thick and the layers are not even, they’re slightly off so i don’t have much room for a pin. I will definitely use that method for even and bigger layers. Thanks for the tip!

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The brass rods are only 1/16" diameter, they’re not hard to conceal in most designs… but you know your situation better than anyone :slight_smile:

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I’ll try, thanks!

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Lightly score the outline of each layer on the layer below?


:slight_smile: thx for the kind words @evansd2

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