Replacement offline

Hi all, I got my replacement GF and it connects just fine but it will not get online. I remember last time I got a replacement they had to disconnect my first one to allow the new one to connect.

Anyone have experience like that?

Select the new machine in the UI (top right where machine is listed). It’s almost certain you still have the original selected.


Awesome - thanks. So now it says “setup” I clicked on it and it has not done anything. Do I just wait?

Did you go through the entire setup process (blue flashing light, connect to Glowforge, connect to home internet) that you did when you got your first machine?

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Ok I got it setup and on the very first print it starts off real slow and sounds like it is straining. And there is a blue flame on the left side of the tube. Any ideas? I tried uploading a video but it says file is too big.

Are you printing the Gift of Good Measure on proofgrade material with proofgrade settings? If not, try that as a way of evaluating the machine’s performance.

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Ok thanks. How much can they tell what it is doing over here?

Every use of a glowforge leaves a Log that apparently has a lot of information that they can do a lot of sleuthing about how the machine is working.

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Can they tell if it is moving slow? It is very slow and doesn’t sound like it is full speed. And it has a flame at the end of the laser on the left-hand side. Will they be able to detect that? Thanks

What are your settings and what are you cutting?

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It cuts fine, it’s the machine. Very slow moving, doing 1/4 plywood set a 120 speed 100 power.

There is a capability to adjust the actual speed that the reference number actually is. That is why a speed of 270 say, is not called 270 of what? inches per minute? picans per momentil? That is why you are asked to run the “GOGM” on a proofgrade sheet after cleaning all the lenses, and from that standard, they can see what the situation is.

Of course, “full” speed is not supposed to be happening as hardly anything would cut. If you are getting a flame only on the left side and are not using magnets, then that is a different set of problems but cleaning the window under the left-hand side would be the very first thing I would look at, and also include photos of that window and the one on the side of the laser head.

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Thanks I’ll give that a try. This is a new refurbished machine. You would think I shouldn’t be having issues already. This is my 3rd machine.

That is a very slow speed but looking I have used similar for similar stuff. If you are getting little candle flames, then where that happens you will probably not cut all the way through.

the flame is to the left of the laser tube. It’s not on the wood. I’m cutting the same wood at the same speed on my machine before it broke. The new one is not acting or sounding like thee broken one. I’m at a loss.

Print the Gift of Good Measure on Proofgrade material with Proofgrade settings. If the result is not perfect, send photos along with the date and time of the print to Glowforge support.

the print is perfect. What is the flame to the left of the tube? It looks like it makes a circle

We would need to see a photo/video to understand what you are seeing.

Processing: IMG_6150.MOV…

The purple glow on the left side of the tube is normal… Should be right around a metal ring at the end of the tube.