Round box...what box generator does this

I need to make a 6 inch round box. I was thinking of using a living hinge. I went to a couple of the box generators and i don’t see a ‘round’ box. There are some rounded corners but no round one.

Am i missing it or can someone point me in the right direction?

There are several posts and links here in the forum for round boxes. Here is one link: Round Box-Lasercut by wildwinds - Thingiverse


On this one if you make the radius 90º you get a full round box (you may have to play with other settings to get what you want).


You can also do segmented layers to get a really nice effect. The segments let you avoid wasting too much material on big circular cross sections. You can see what I mean in this post:


You can see that each layer is really two semicircles. You can pack them fairly tightly… even more tightly with three segments.


Thanks, i didn’t go to Thingiverse!! I did do search here but couldn’t find exactly what i needed:-)

Thanks I’ll take a look at this!!

Wow that is really nice!

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Also, under $4:

and something like this:

You could easily engrave the top for a nice effect.

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Thanks @evansd2 , i did check on Etsy and found a couple. i’m not opposed to purchasing, and, someone even posted one here in the free files, however, i’m not entirely sure how to ‘edit’ the svg to change it from i.e. a 4 inch to a 6 inch round. i know the size of the tabs have to match material, so i can’t just enlarge it…so if i enlarge to a 6inch, do i then just edit the tabs that also got enlarged back to material size or am i making it too simple? i use Inkscape primarily.

Oops, I didn’t check. I thought that was 6", it’s what I searched for.

Generally speaking yeah you’re right, but I’d try to figure out how to get the right size from the start. If you’re set on living hinges, you really want to keep them fairly tight, scaling them up will make them less “hingey”.

I will say, each time I’ve needed a living hinge hooked to a curve I’ve gone back to this design and stolen sections:

It works beautifully :slight_smile:

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Thanks, i’ll keep looking…or maybe try to create my own-not proficient there but i’m sure i can figure it out :grimacing:. i need to start challenging myself but time always becomes an issue for me-as well as everyone else i realize.

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Yeah that’s why I like to modify pre-made boxes sometimes. It can really speed things up, and people love the end result all the same.

Even just a plain box with an custom insert liner can make a big impression.

I’m all about repurposing or using a pre-made and editing so that it’s ‘almost’ homemade:-) I LOVE that turtle closure and i saw you’d shared that so, of course it’s in my files now and i ‘will’ find a purpose for it!
Thanks again!

On, there is a “Bayonet Box”. Not as material saving as evansd2 version.


Oh wow, i didn’t see that one, thanks!

And don’t overlook using leather for the sides—leather makes a really nice round box. I believe there is one in the Premium designs section of the catalog.


Thanks, i did think of that and have that round box on my dashboard…hmmm

Works well with layered boxes too.

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