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I am trying to print a precise alignment of a design onto a booklet. I even crated a little holder for them so they would all be somewhat even. On the screen everything was lined up. I did a focus and everything (I know sometimes that can throw it off a bit), but this is just A LOT of misalignment. I hope you can see in the photo that some of the place are WAY off. I totally had it lined up in the software, nothing was out onto the wood (I can’t show a pic because it reset when I opened the lid, and lifted the wood.) Is this normal?! If not how do I fix it? If so, I guess Ill just have to figure something else out. :confused:

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If you set focus before you move your artwork it will be more accurate. If you place the artwork and then focus it will be off. The thicker the material the farther off it could be.


If you have your artwork and the jig (holder) in the same file and align your artwork in the file, the placement will be precise. Cut the holder while ignoring the artwork. Remove the cutouts and place your booklet in the holder. Ignore the screen view. Don’t move anything. Ignore the cut and enable the engrave.


Im sorry if I wasn’t clear on this, I totally did it before. I learned my lesson with that one! LOL

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Where this is a good idea and may work for 1 print, I will be making these in bulk and can’t print a holder with each set, that will cost sooooo much. Im really supersized that its this off, it should be better. how do people cut onto precut shapes and things?

For precise placement, you must use a jig. The jig is not cut every time (although you can if you are using cardboard). You cut it once and you don’t move it. Swap out the booklets. Ignore the camera view and keep producing. You must, however, have the jig outlines and artwork in the same file and the artwork must be centered to the cutouts in the file. You use the set focus to insure that the focus is on the booklet and not the jig, but you ignore camera view.

There are lots of examples of jigs here in the forum. Here is one: More Jiging: Dogtag Jig


OHHHH!! IC Ok going to give that a try now! I guess its not too much of a waste if you print a lot at the same time with only 1 jig. hmmmm cardboard… there’s an idea! Thank you so much! Ima give it a try and report back! :slight_smile:


As pointed out, what you see on the screen changes a lot if the height changes but with a jig placed at exactly the same place the points on a highlighted part will report the position down in the lower right-hand side if you open that widget.

Those numbers are precisely repeatable no matter the height. So if you locate 16.5 - 10.9 on your bed and put the lower right corner of the design at 10.9 - 16.5 and use that point to place the material you work will repeat exactly even when those points don’t look to line up. Using that to place a jig or material will always be repeatable.

A jig is the way to go, and here is a way to get accurate and repeatable placement of your jigs.

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