Scroll bar missing in Chrome

The GFUI seems to not have a scroll bar for the additional steps. They end up off the screen.

If I’m using my mousepad on my laptop, I can’t get to them. I feel like this doesn’t happen when I’m on my desktop. A quick search of the forums shows that many people have been frustrated by this… but it’s still an issue. I can minimize my screen really really really really tiny, but that’s a terrible solution.

Please add a scroll bar to the operations part of the GFUI. I cannot possibly fathom a reason not to have one there.


Have you ever used the hand to move the screen around? it is next to the arrow on the menu bar of the GFUI. That is how I got around not having the scollbars.

or select a step in the left column and try the arrow keys? I’ve not done this myself, FYI… just a thought - something i’ve had to use before with crap software built for win10 on my win7 pc.

win10 does not require boarder or scroll bar width specifications. it’s a PITA. Win10 should just die, so real windows with actual depth, color, and function can continue…

but anyway… click an item, and try to scroll up and down with the arrow keys.


There are no scroll bars and it’s really annoying. You are not alone.


This is a common complaint. (Support just closed another thread on this topic the other day.) For some reason someone at Glowforge hates scrollbars and hides them everywhere. :cry:


Thank you for posting about this @lizabeta. I’ve passed your feedback on to our team and noted this thread.