September 2019 Update

It’s been a wild summer at Glowforge - we’ve been cranking out new features, shipping to international customers, and working feverishly to deliver air filters!

Air Filter

If you’re waiting on an air filter order, we’ve got some big news - we’ve updated the air filter thread with all the details.


Printers are exploring new parts of the world! Check out the latest on the International Shipping thread for the latest updates.

Software Updates

We’ve also been making tremendous changes to the software to make your Glowforge even better. Just a few of the improvements:

  • Zoom out 4x for a broader view of big projects
  • Improved scrolling, touch, and mobile interface
  • Updated the Glowforge Shop for US customers (and to prepare for International launch)
  • Add the very best Made on a Glowforge projects to the Dashboard
  • Start prints when it’s warm in the room

And lots more - you can see them all here.

Glowforge for Everyone: Printers at WeWork

Tired of your third cousin arriving unannounced to “just try” your Glowforge Pro one more time? WeWork to the rescue! WeWork locations in Seattle, Silicon Valley, Houston, New York, and London are installing Glowforge units and Formlabs 3D printers for members, guests, and visitors! Not all locations have them, and each location has a different policy about using them, so call ahead to learn about availability and hours.

Glowforge for Everyone Part 2: More Joann Locations

And now we have even more options for that friend or relative with a case of Glowforge jealousy: Joann has rolled out even more stores nationwide with Glowforge printers available for use by the hour. Even better, they stock Proofgrade material that you can buy there - whether you’re doing a project in-house, or just need some emergency medium walnut plywood, to go! Printers and materials are available at all of the following locations (links go to the store info page):

You can read all about Joann’s Glowforge program here:

On Instagram? You Should Push This Button

Instagram made a cool new feature where you can follow a hashtag. So while you can follow us if you want, what’s really amazing is following everyone else. Seriously, it will change the way you look at your Glowforge.

And It’s not even hard. Click this link. Log in to Instagram. Click the Follow button. I think you’ll love it.

I can’t wait for the rest of the year

One of the things I love most about our company is how we get to deliver amazing new software to our customers. The team is working on some truly magnificent improvements for you right now - I can’t wait to share them!

Thank you, as always, for believing in us and being a Glowforge owner. We’ll continue to do our best for you.

(Discussion of this topic is in this forum thread).