Settings for 1/4 inch birch plywood


yup, my revised cut settings have been on quarter inch / 6mm baltic birch, power full, speed 125 on a manually entered thickness of .21, but I don’t know what .22 through .25 will do.

I hit the glue patches or whatever they are and damn sometimes I’m like struggling to release. cut it with a knife. I wish I had a more fun way to release it. Iv’e given up on some, just said f— it, and tried another board. Ugh. But other times, clean cuts and little to break away.


So you’re doing 5 passes at 170 speed? Try 125 speed, one pass. But then again it could be some space age glue that can only be persuaded with a jig saw. who knows!


I need a tool like an Xacto blade with saw teeth for the occasional stubborn spot in plywood.


hey, good callout!

X-ACTO Extra Fine Saw Blade -

Tamiya Handy Craft Saw II -


The Tamiya was more what I was thinking. Looks like X-acto has one too.


The 1/4" BB I have (from Shur-Way in Vancouver, WA) usually cuts pretty well at 175/full(basic) x3. Yours sounds a bit more stubborn!


Interesting. Do you change the focus height with each pass? Is the 3 pass to avoid char or just too dense of a material?