Shelf for the Switch and Stand for the Xbox

We just got a new TV a few days ago, and the way it sits on our stand is different than the previous TV. Previously I was able to slide our consoles under the TV and the switch off to the side, but we’re not able to do that anymore, plus the toddler likes to grab the switch while it’s docked, so I had to come up with a solution. My last two projects, the shelf for our Google Mini speaker and the laptop dock (scroll down to see the stand I ended up making for it) both got reiterated to creating the solution to our new dilemma. I first made the stand for the Xbox using the same process as I did for the dock:

Then because I wanted to make a shelf for the Switch, I decided to use some tropical inspired supports to go along with the Animal Crossing themed Switch that we have:

The Switch still isn’t safe from the toddler since I didn’t want to put it too high up the wall, but we only ever dock it when we’re playing on the TV anyway and at that point he’s sitting in our laps “helping” us play :sweat_smile:. Pretty fun couple of projects to add to our collection of things I’ve done for our household, will probably keep adding random stuff to the collection over the next couple of weeks. Happy Halloween, everybody, hope you’re able to have a nice evening!


Oh and for you eagle eyed folks, that’s a baby gate that fits perfectly around the tv stand. The guy and all his little munchkin friends used to love getting their greasy paws all over the screen and grabbing whatever he could, so this was a great way to fix that!


Nice work on that shelf. I saw the baby cage right off…


Very nice stand—love the leaf supports. And putting the whole operation inside the gated area is genius!


Well done on both! Love the leaves on the shelf.