Small notebook cover with engraving


Made a living hinge cover for a small notebook with some tweaking after using
Designed a simple closure based on the :glowforge: catalog desktop tool carousel (of which I’ve made several). The engravings are downloaded and the corners are modified from OpenClipart, by GDJ. I bought a set of these small notebooks on Amazon and took the covers off:


I did my covers on :proofgrade: medium maple ply and glued just the back of the notebook in. The closure just pops in by squeezing it in and you can glue the bottom or leave it loose. Dampening the hinge eases closing the cover for the first time and I let it sit and dry like that for a while. I used the free font HermosaOpti to personalize the front.
The file: (158.6 KB) created in Inkscape. Enjoy!

Before and after - notebook experience upgrade

Nice job! I love wooden notebook covers they make for a great backing for writing. :grinning:


I appreciate the file for such a nice project. Thank you.

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What a great gift idea! Thanks so much for sharing your design and details.

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This is beautiful … Love the ornate engraving! You are very kind to share your file … Thank you!


Thank you. It looks great.


You’re welcome! Make sure you set all the steps appropriately to engrave or cut. Sometimes the GFUI interprets “Cut” where it should be “Engrave.”

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