I am curious what software is everyone using for the glow forge designs and why



There have been many threads dedicated to this but I see you are new here so let me sum things up a bit. From my perspective from most used to least.

  • Adobe Illustrator – industry standard, most people who already do artful things have this installed
  • Inkscape – Free and quite powerful
  • Corel – AI wannabe, works well enough for most things
  • Fusion 360,-- Free for most and very powerful, you will need either a plugin or hand off to one of the above to translate into SVG or PDF
  • Other CAD and 3D modeling SW, lots of well-liked SW, too many to list
  • PhotoShop – the standard when working with raster files
  • GIMP – the free open source version of Photoshop

Sure there are a bunch I have missed but this will give you something to mull over.


Corel Draw is a very Good program. Not a wannabe. I can do anything Adobe can do and in half the time amuch easier and simple interface but oh so powerful. Outside of the US Corel is the no. 1 software for design.


And cheaper!


I didn’t mean to insult anyone fav. I have it installed myself but objectively it is not the industry standard that ai is.

I end up using Inkscape most of the time though as for some reason (could be the operator) I get a mangled mess from Corel far more often than I do Inkscape.


I guess I might be a Corel Power user I use it everyday and when you get to know a program that well you get to be a little protective…


It definitely have more and nicer features than Inkscape. Perhaps one day I will figure out what is wrong that it gives me so many trashed SVGs and it will become my go to.

Problem with trying to get help long distance is that it is SO many things that could be going wrong.


I would say “AI competitor for PC (No native Mac version)”


depends on your “industry.” corel is a standard in the sign industry.

i started with it decades ago (version 2.5). it’s a solid program. but the graphic design/publishing industry is very nearly unanimous on the adobe suite.


Hilarious someone else called you out for the blasphemous Corel comment. “Wannabe” my arse lol :stuck_out_tongue:

I use Corel almost exclusively and my SVG imports into the GUI have been flawless. Wonder what’s causing your issues?


Since we are fighting about debating the merits of Adobe vs Corel, I’ll add

  • Corel Painter - like Photoshop, except more intuitive for people used to traditional art. And maybe anyone. Photo manipulation tools aren’t as good, drawing and painting tools are way, way better. Also, cheaper. Also, buy a version or two older and save more monies.

If I were adjusting photos or pre-existing images, I might opt for Photoshop (I would never, but A theoretical version of me in some universe might). If I were creating anything from scratch, hands down I’d go Painter.


I kind of wish this forum supported permanent signatures. If it did, I’d have something along the lines of “your mileage may vary”, I put that in posts that I realize could be controversial, I had no idea that people become Incineratory over Corel. I guess my best trolling is accidental.
So, if you love Corel, no offense meant, I’m sure it is great… really…


Awww, just kinda poking the bear and teasing ya, I didn’t really take it as trolling. Us Corel folk are just a fiery bunch.


So i found that when you export it you need to make sure all the correct boxes are checked. under export bitmap in the export dialog box i always embed images I also export all text as curves.

I have also had a problem with an svg but i find if i delete it and re-import into the GUI it works.


I don’t use Export from Corel to save my SVGs. I do a File|Save As and select SVG (not compressed SVG). I have had only 2 or 3 files have an issue over the past year. Those I had to fix in Inkscape after I saw the problem show up in the GFUI. They had to do with GF’s even:odd winding rule support.

I’m using Corel X8.


Ditto. I do the same and it’s working well so far.