Support - - can't connect to home WIFI

Our glowforge passthrough stopped working and glowforge sent us a replacement - - now the replacement won’t connect to the home wifi - - their support is terrible at responding… We have orders to process, a business to run and they take days to solve an issue. I am re-thinking our investment in glowforge.

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While you are waiting for support, you might want to consider a backup plan. You purchased a laser without a business level of support, meaning support will take longer for you just as for all of us. This will affect your business when your laser goes down. Since it is a rather complex electro-mechanical system, it will be when it goes down, not if.
As a business owner, I suggest you have a plan on what and how to handle this type of situation. There are several ways to do so, you will need to select the one that works the best for you.

Note also that Glowforge, or any manufacturer you purchase from, has no responsibility for your business. They will support you to the limits of their support agreement, called the warranty.

My personal experience with GF support has been good, with less than 48 hours turn around with all responses and they have provided replacement parts as needed within the warranty period. You may need to be patient.

Also, note that posting in Problems and Support creates a new support ticket, which will slow the whole process down. This is outlined in the pinned post at the top of the Problems and Support section of this forum.


How far in the setup process do you get?
This video may be helpful: Set up again - #4 by Jules


If you got a replacement one, be sure you are choosing it in the upper right hand corner. It will list any GF you’ve had…

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What @rvogt said – I’ve been bitten by the “wrong machine selected” issue multiple times. :slight_smile:

Hello @tracie

I am very sorry about the problem you are running into with your Glowforge printer. I will do my best to get this issue resolved for you. In this case, it may be best to try connecting to a Hotspot to rule out any potential issue with the Wi-Fi network. If we’re able to try this step it will get us going in the right direction. I will leave you with some steps below.

Your Glowforge needs internet access. However, it does not need to be connected to the same network as the computer, phone, or tablet you are using to print.

For example, you can create a hotspot on your cell phone and use that network to connect your Glowforge to Wi-Fi. This is a good way to rule out Wi-Fi interference, since you can set your phone right on top of your Glowforge!

You can find instructions online to help you create a Wi-Fi hotspot from your cell phone. Make sure that you set it up to be a 2.4 GHz hotspot, since that is the frequency your Glowforge uses.

Once the Wi-Fi hotspot is broadcasting, you can connect to it by following these steps:

Turn on your Glowforge.

Wait 30 seconds. Then hold down the button for ten seconds until it glows teal.

Navigate to and follow the instructions on-screen. When prompted to connect your Glowforge to Wi-Fi, choose the hotspot you created.

Once Wi-Fi setup is complete, go to and try a few prints and let me know how it goes.

I appreciate this, I have tried multiple different wifi options and none of them work. I also still have the old glowforge and it still works on the wifi , so I know wifi connection is not the issue.

Hello @tracie it looks like you have another ticket open and you are working with my colleague Brandon. The ticket number is 304852. He provided some steps for you to get this problem moving in the right direction. Brandon will continue to assist you on that ticket and is aware of the situation. I will go ahead and close this thread to avoid any confusion and miscommunication.

Also, just in case you need them again, Here are the steps Brandon left you with-

" To help us get more details to isolate the cause can you the following?

  1. Reboot your Glowforge once more and wait about 30 seconds
  2. Hold down the button on your Glowforge for ten seconds, until it glows with a teal color
  3. Your Glowforge is now broadcasting a temporary Wi-Fi access point. Connect your computer to “Glowforge XXX-XXX” (from your Wi-Fi Settings)
  4. Visit the following URL in your browser:
  5. A .zip file should download to your computer
  6. Reconnect to your usual Wi-Fi network and email the .zip file to

This will allow us to review the log files for any breaks or specific causes for the setup. I know this can be frustrating, but we’ll continue to make sure you’re taken care of so you can on your replacement Glowforge Pro unit."