Thick acrylic

Has anybody attempted to cut “thick” acrylic?
If so, how were your results? Any advice?



I have done 1/2" in 2 passes with great results. I believe @karaelena has also. I do not recall the settings but know it was close to the slowest.


Thanks for the info!

Here’s the thing… I’ve never done multiple passes on anything at all. Is the 2nd pass needed because it simply can’t cut through in one pass no matter how slowly? Or is it simply a cleaner way to cut through?


Well, you could probably get through the acrylic…but you’ll probably have sloping slag instead of clean cut lines…might even have the slag melt back together…or drip down the honeycomb.


Not as many responses as I expected. So do a search using the terms ‘3/4 acrylic’ or ‘2 pass acrylic’. You’ll find a lot of useful info.

For example:


Thanks so much to all that have replied!

I’ve gone ahead and ordered 1 sheet each of 3/8", 1/2", and 3/4" and will perform some experiments. I’ve got a couple of projects in mind and, I must say, I’m pretty excited to see how well I can make it through the 3/4".

Stuff should be here on Monday. I’ll be happy to share my testing results in Beyond The Manual.


I vaguely remember @scott.wiederhold posting the results of some testing with 1/2" acrylic.

So! I got my acrylics today! Here’s what I found…
The 3/8" cut cleanly at 100/Full
The 1/2" cut cleanly at 100/Full x2
The 3/4" cut cleanly at… No… I could not get it to cut cleanly. Closest I’ve come so far is 120/100 x14. Yes… I said 14 passes. Came pretty close to clean, but you can tell the last couple of passes it got a little melty. The only answer would be if there was some machine that could easily do two-sided cutting.


At 3/4”, to have a fighting chance, you’ll need to refocus at least a couple of times, I would guess.


I was considering that. But I don’t know anything about doing that, so I don’t know which way to go. I’d think I’d need to refocus deeper, right? So instead of (using nice round numbers here) my focus being set at 0.75", would I want to go 1.00" and do a few more passes at that focus?

Start high, go low. You’d want to get the acrylic shimmed up pretty high. Between 0.4-0.5” above the crumbtray. Your initial pass would be at surface height. Then you’d have to go lower, maybe/probably as low as it would go… .01” - which would still leave material below the focal depth but might work. Maybe do the 2 full power passes that cut 1/2” and then refocus on third pass to see where that gets you.


I get what you’re saying now. I’ll give it a shot tomorrow night.

Also propping it on pins or something so that the air assist has someplace to go helps with a clean cut

I got decent results on the 3/4" (actually 0.72") at 115/Full x5. It’s not perfect. But I think I can live with it. I’m going to produce something I actually want to make out of it and see what I see.