Thickness field wont hold number

Having a lot of difficulty using the GF when the material is greater than 0.5 inch.
With the GF off, I remove the crumb tray, place item in center, move GF head under lid camera, close lid, turn on GF and allow to calibrate.
In the APP, I upload my image (engrave), center it on the material. When I go to set the thickness, I type in 0.75, hit submit and it automatically reverts to 0.5. It does this every time. I have even tried changing my input to 0.74 or 0.76 as suggested elsewhere here with no luck.

I have a number of jobs that need to be run on 3/4 and higher material but with this alignment issue, it is not safe to do so.
Help is as always, appreciated.

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Your material must be within 0.50" above the tray. As such 0.75" isn’t a valid value.
Build underneath until your material top is greater than 1.36" (the height of the tray) but less than 1.86". Subtract 1.36 from that value and that’s the value you’ll enter into the app.


This should help: Cutting Without the Crumb Tray - The NO MATH Edition


Or, if you LIKE doing math, this one: Tutorial: How to cut without the Crumb Tray (Honeycomb)



Tom, this did the trick. Thanks. Was not aware of that part. its working well now. Thanks


Thanks for the answer @Tom_A.

And @geek2nurse … those were the links I was going to share!

Glad you got it resolved @dwplance

I’m going to close this thread - if you have anymore questions, go ahead and post a new topic.