Time for an Escutcheons



I guess I’m supposed to make an Escutcheons (I’m pretty sure I can’t pronounce this in real life).

Here it is!

So, I screwed up the cut of the button. I made the stroke too thick in the SVG. So, back to inkscape, made a circle, and cut it again. Huzzah for Optical Alignment!

The other thing I wanted to see was how the button would look made from extruded acrylic. I liked the look of the Proofgrade cast acrylic better.

Here it is in place.

And Glowing; it was hard getting a good shot with my phone.

Who's scheduled for delivery today?
Defocused Acrylic Engrave - just do it
Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending June 10, 2017

Beautiful! :smiley:


Lol, nice. It turned out great.


great job Joe.


That is SWEET!!


Wow, that was fast! Looking to see great things from you!


Out of love for the day but :heart:


Sweeeeeet! I have to start working in one for mine!


Fantastic. I almost forgot about that. Have to get mine ready for burning.




Have to admit, your dharma is nicer than mine.
I hope everyone does a escutcheon.


Oooooo aaaaaaahhh. Glowy button…:smiley:
Love it!!


I have to make a new escutcheon. I gave all mine away at BAMF. This is cool.


That is fantastic!


That is beautiful :blush:


My logo is going to fit perfectly around my button when my GF arrives. Excited!


Thats going to look awesome!! :grin:


I think so too!


I love me a good ex-too-chin! Namaste y’all!


I haven’t decided yet , but I think I’ll go with a Thundercats thing just over the button.
I haven’t really looked into the specs of the glowbutton, is it an rgb led? If so, any plans to have custom colors? Like, thundercat red…