Today is the PRO Launch Day - June 30th

Hello fellow Forgers.

I wanted to keep a tally of people or received the “Golden Ticket” Email that their PRO version is shipping. They are suppose to start going out today, June 30th, and I wanted to see who got this mighty email, and keep the excitement going.

Also, if you do get the GF PRO, please post photos. I would love to see what environment you are keeping it in. Are you planning on feeding it an all wood diet, or maybe some cheese here and there. mmmm CHEESE. That might be the first thing I am gonna to cut.

HAHAHAH. Sorry. Bad joke. Friday. Long day. Having a drink, and…

Anyway. Happy June 30.
Eric B.
Salem Mass


We know of one who has - an early orderer. Haven’t heard from anyone else yet.


Got my pro email earlier today! Discussion here: Got THE email for my PRO order!


Don’t forget to post your shipping info in the crowdsourced shipping document!


Thanks. I added my info to the spreadsheet.
What a great way to track the orders, and share in the excitement.


Hmmmmm… Must have forgotten.

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It would seem from the list anyway that our ordering sequence has no bearing on the shipment date. They are all over the place. I thought Dan said those who ordered first would get theirs first?

We get it when the Great Claw chooses us.
Im excited to have the chance of getting one at all. I have so many projects alright lined up. I can sell tickets to even see it.

Still waiting…
Hang in there.



Well I am going to hang in there since it would be silly to cancel this close to it’s arrival. I still think the first people who ordered should receive theirs first, and I am not one of them. I ordered on Oct 22/15 for the record.

I am on the edge of my seat and afraid I am not going to hear from them until August, which makes no sense because they said they we would be E mailed by July 30.

The anxiety I am getting as I patiently wait for my number to come up! Glowforge ended its 30­ day crowdfunding campaign on Saturday, October 24th, 2015 and I ordered mine on 9/28/15, the Pro, and I have not heard anything about it yet.

I wonder if I should be bugging anyone :frowning:
I am gonna give it some time before I start to worry, lol
I’ll post when I get my E mail :slight_smile:
AND I am in Southern California…I can come and pick it up, WILL CALL? Yes please!!! :smiley: ( I wish!! )

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did they? i don’t remember seeing that (not denying it though, mind you). i think it all depends on what the hold up is - is it one thing (like a production line issue, supply constraint, packaging, etc) that, once fixed, production can resume with all celerity? or is it the result of something more complicated or multi-faceted (like multiple issues or constraints, or perhaps a production slowdown issue that can’t / can’t easily be remedied)?

if it’s the first, even the next week might see a big change. if it’s the latter, who knows.

Good luck. I hope you hear some news very soon. It’s agonizing for sure.

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You should have received a schedule update via email on June 7th. It’s also in the Announcements section of this forum. In it the schedule is:

Now: Glowforge Basic deliveries underway.
June 30: Glowforge Pro shipments start.
September 30: Air Filter shipments start.
October 31: All Basic and Pro orders placed by 10/26/2015 shipped.
November 30: All Basic and Pro orders shipped.
December 29: All Air Filters shipped.

You won’t receive your email until shortly before your individual unit is to ship. Sometime between today and Oct 31st for your date of order.

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I just guessed since I ordered mine practically the first few days into the KS, I should be receiving a confirmation soon. If I give or take 6 weeks from August one, it takes me into mid September.

I know I am not the last person who ordered a pro, but if they are going out in some order as to who ordered when, I would think I should hear something sooner rather than later.

But this is me just wishful thinking. I see another one already sent out to someone who ordered theirs the same week as I ordered mine so of course I think I should be getting an E mail soon. I could have sworn somewhere I saw something about E mails by 7/30, but I could be VERY wrong as I hop from post to post reading, in my excitement it may have been confusion. ( thanks for letting me be human ) I am now looking again on the latest updates posted in case I missed anything before or for clarification, hahaha. The mind will not stop racing.

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Ordered my Pro in the first 12 hours. I don’t expect an email this month. It’s possible of course but there are easily a hundred Pro orders in front of me.


If they were mass producing at the average rate to meet the targets they would clear all the first day orders in a week but they have yet to start mass production. The rate they are producing at the moment is less than the rate my wife and I managed making 3D printers in our garage! We could do two a day.

Interesting…WV…I am intrigued how this will pan out. Thank you for that, I will now officially de-stress :smiley:

And anxiously await the arrival of YOURS, of cou! ( then I can get anxious about mine, lol )


I have been the same way this week. I keep checking the email to see if I missed it, and the notifications in this forum. Since I started this “posting” I see a “1” over my icon, and my heart skips.

It has to all be coming out soon. I want to play with the PRO.


Me too :slight_smile: But I’m figuring late fall.