Transfer Photo onto Wood



I saw this tutorial and now have so many ideas!!!

Canvas Cut Out (Night Light Frame)
Accidental Stencil

oh, I haven’t seen that technique before… gonna have to try that!
I have used this technique, but the scrubbing procedure is a pain.


That looks like a hassle. cool alternate technique though!


His scrubbing step is was the only reason I haven’t tried it yet! I really want to make some of these Portal icons… With any luck at all, I’ll be able to GF them before long!


I have used the scrubbing technique with good results but it is a bit of a pain. I’ll have to take a closer look at this method.


Looks like a poor man’s dye sublimation printer transfer. Shirts, mugs, hats etc are made with this sort of technique, except you use a heat press to transfer the special ink to the substrate. You can get a very nice image this way. Too bad the printers are big bucks.


Oh my gosh—YES! All those super sweet portal icons are going on my wall as soon as my Glowforge arrives, then they’re going to my geeky friends & family too!


Nice!! And Ive been throwing away all my shipping label backing papers😭
I use several a day so I should have an ample supply in a week…lol.
This is definitely a must try.
I just realized though that I have a color laser printer…hmmm must find an old inkjet…


I believe that I saw a video using heat to melt laser printed copies to wood. I’ll look for it tomorrow and post.


Found it. It uses a Walnut Hollow wood burning tool to heat, but I imagine you could use an iron or a vertical heat press to transfer. She talks about and shows a color laser transfer at about 3:30 in. I bought one of these versa tools at Hobby Lobby a few days ago. Comes with a bunch of tips and listed for $30 and was $18 after using the 40% off coupon. I’m sure I’ll find a few uses for it.


You can often find a whole new inkjet printer at K-marche or Wally World for less than the cost of the refill cartridges, especially at this time of year. Almost disposable, and lots of parts to make other things with. :grinning:

I just ordered a refurbished color laser printer/scanner @ woot! Looking forward to its arrival soon.


I have used this technique with laser printouts several times with pretty good results. I tend to have trouble with larger prints but have really good results with smaller images. I made wooden business cards using this method and they were quite durable.


I used the transfer technique on an old Indo Board. Probably should have tried something a little smaller first, I made a lot of mistakes from learning proper technique. Overall it came out decent and was a fun project. I second the scrubbing part being a pain though.


The cartridges that come with many printers are what they call “starter cartridges” which don’t hold nearly as much ink as full cartridges, so watch out for those.


I would love to have that deadpool pic.


That’s something I would never have thought of. I will be trying that out soon. Thank you for sharing that with us. BOOKMARKED!!!


And works much better than the old (very) method of transferring photos onto wood/stone.

Just wanted to make ya smile on a Monday !


BeakForge ™


@johnwills @aobrien @smcgathyfay Here’s a product I saw on Etsy that uses LASER prints and polycrylic or ModgePodge to transfer images without the dreaded rubbing off the paper. It looks to produce vivid images. I could imagine some stunning work combining this and etching. Cost per letter sized sheet is about 50 cents even in relatively small quantities.


Typo on my part I specifically meant to reference laser and posted before coffee. Edited it now.

Thanks for catching that.