Units aren't built until shipping email?


This GF forum with a next to last post by @Jules and and confirmed by @dan 1 day ago says:

Am I to read this as “your GF isn’t built yet…do you want your GF?”

Not sure if the GF is made and then we get an email or we get an email then they make the GF.

I’ve no problem either way…just wondering on the which comes first…chicken/egg…GF/email. :crazy_face:

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My guess is there’s probably some overlap.

I doubt they’re starting/stopping the production line based on email volume, but they’re also not running full bore production and holding piles of units in inventory waiting for confirmations.

Or maybe they’re at a pace now where production is moving with a day or two worth of confirmations in backlog, keeping the production line continually “fed”.


With thousands of people waiting in line I’d hope they aren’t delaying just because people haven’t said “yes” yet.

And are Jules and Glowforge a “we” now?


@Jules what say ye? :smiley: Was that a copypasta thing or are you in? :slight_smile:


I think the “we” was “we customers” - as in “we customers accept our email”…but whether that extends to her getting the email for her Pro is a level of divination that I’m not going to go to. :slight_smile:

Not sure any other inference is supported by evidence yet.


Oh come on…you can’t be serious with this thought. Please tell me the attempt at humor was lost in text. :confounded:


Maybe not, but it does beg the question about how much production time was lost when they stopped deliveries for a week or so there?

Still, If they ‘are only making them when you say yes’ they they cannot turn around and send out a few more e-mails just in case the person defers… that means, at the very least, production still needs to shift a few more gears up


Chuckle! Until we as customers confirm the acceptance to the "Do you want your Glowforge? email.

Nope - still a customer. Like everyone else. :smile:

(note: Not to say I won’t potentially try to lure @dan away from GF in a few years if he ever gets bored with doing this. We’ll eventually need an exit strategy, and he does have the required skill set. I’ve been watching it develop for a couple of years now. ) :innocent:


No attempt at humor. Unfortunately, I’m not seeing where there might be an issue with what I said. For clarity, I’ll try to reword it without changing my intended meaning.

Keep in mind I was replying with this in mind…
These units aren’t built until we confirm acceptance to the “Do you want your Glowforge?..
With what I believe must be at least 90% of the prepaid orders still outstanding, the chance of Glowforge ever running out of willing recipients is exceptionally small. That being the case, it makes more sense (to me) to build them as quickly as they can and possibly send out more emails if they ever find themselves with excess inventory.


I 100% completely agree with you on your makes-sense scenario. Let’s hope that’s how things are operating.


If they are actually building them after you confirm you want it and it takes six weeks then it must include procurement. If it actually takes six weeks to make a small batch then how are they going to make 100 a day? If they all take six weeks they would have 4000 in work in progress. Bonkers!


Exactly. It just struck me as odd when the post specifically stated " These units aren’t built until we confirm acceptance to the “Do you want your Glowforge?” Shipping email."

And dan replied “that is correct.”

I’m not sure how to interpret it, other than how it’s written.


I take solace in that if their definition of shipping is when we send you an email their definition of built could also be non-traditional. I’m not completely discounting bonkers, however, as I’ve seen some screwed up ERP installations.


The expediter is different each day, but on mondays, it’s me. I stand at the front of the factory hitting refresh on my blackberry, checking the hotmail account where your emails arrive. As soon as one shows up, I blow the Laser Whistle, and grab the latest Glowforge Parts Cart. I run through the building, shouting to find someone who can build the unit - sometimes it can take a while! Once I find someone who looks free, I had them the Parts Cart along with the name of the lucky owner along with a printout of their Myspace account. At that point, we both sit down on the floor and I open the “So You’re About To Build A Glowforge” instructional video on the blackberry screen, in case they’re unfamiliar with the process. I’ve seen it a million times but I never get tired of it. The build gets started, I lead a small ritual that is necessary to fill up the coolant chamber, and if it’s a Pro unit, we call over a member of the clergy to deliver a small speech and strike the laser tube with a small bottle of absinthe. If the bottle breaks, it’s a Pro. If the tube breaks, we send it back for warranty repairs. Someone brings over a large wheel of Forever Stamps and verifies the shipping address one last time, and I head back to the front of the line to start hitting refresh again.

It’s a tough process, but you all are worth it.

Discussion of October update

I KNEW IT! Tell you what - I’ll save your clergy the effort and the cleanup time. Just include that absynthe along with my Pro and I’ll drink to you & staff as I press the glowing button. Deal?


Yes, I thought it was a silly question too!



i’ll be honest though i kind of want one of the newer blackberries. i miss a keyboard, sometimes.


I think the stress of making lasers has finally broken Dan.


Dang it, not unicorn tears than. All you need for unicorn tears is that episode of Futurama with Fry’s dog. And a unicorn.


Dan’s comment was humorous and I did get a kick out of it but honestly there are real concerns behind the question and people just want to understand the reason for the 6 week window. A witty comment is enjoyable for a moment but when it comes to actual enlightenment on an issue, in true glowforge fashion… nothing.