Update Request

I have been attempting to get an update regarding the following post that was closed. As well as help request #82851 however have been unable to get a response from anyone after being told a maximum of three days. Could someone please provide me with an ETA, I am preparing for a convention in July and need to know whether I will have a chance to make any more product using a functioning laser or if it will not be replaced until after that. Either way my GF is great just need a bit of an update please!

Thank you and sorry for being a pain.

I am curious too.
I am not sure if my unit is getting replaced either.


How interesting, read to resolution:

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To clarify, I was contacted on the forum by a staff member who than emailed me saying I would have a replacement unit mailed to me and that she would get back to with further details. It has been over a week with no information.

A resolution is warranted. ASAP

I dint think thats up for dispute i am asking for a staff member to tell me how long tell i will get a new machine.

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Thanks for bringing this to our attention again. I just followed up in email about this with next steps to arranging a replacement and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.

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