Upgrade pricing not working online

So, I’ve decided to upgrade my basic + air filter to a Pro + air filter. The price is listed as $2250.
Click on the button and the spinning wheel of “calculating taxes and shipping”.
Viola! $3500!
I’ve contacted support, who say they are looking into it and will contact me later.
I’ve offered to purchase the upgrade on the phone. Nope, Glowforge doesn’t have phone support.

Anyone found a simpler solution? How about you, @Dan?


There is another posting thread on this. It was caused by switching e-commerce system they use.
Dan said they would post an answer once tbey figure it out.

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Thanks. Glad to know I’m not alone, but puzzling that the solution hasn’t been found.
Could we send a fax or a letter in the mail?

Hi there, I have had the same issue when trying to upgrade my basic to basic with an air filter. The air filter says $700 but when I click on it it wants to charge me almost $1500 to add the air filter. Hope they get this fixed soon!

From @dan in the thread i posted

If they could fix it easily, they would.
Considering it is an open thread in the Support section i assume it is a far larger problem than it seems on the surface.


I’ve been watching this as well. Hope they fix it soon.

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agreed. i’ve been considering adding a filter. but if i change my mind before they get the system fixed…

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Thank you for following up – we will make sure to let you know as soon as you can upgrade. If anyone else is encountering this, please keep an eye on this thread or send an email to support@glowforge.com so we can follow up with you, too.


I have also had issues with upgrade. First I think it was that I couldn’t change my zipcode to upgrade. Than it was ineligible for an upgrade. When that was fixed it wanted to charge me over 1,000.00 extra for shipping. And once that was fixed I am now back to be ineligible for upgrade again. I have gotten my email saying my glowforge is ready. But I can’t get mine yet because they can’t fix the upgrade issue. I have been patient for months with this issue. But why can’t there be another way to upgrade since this issue has been going on for quite some time now?